GTA V 1.12 DLC priority with second garage

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 22, 2014

The priority for Grand Theft Auto V DLC is clear for some and the 1.12 update should bring certain content first, although exactly what the plans are will remain a mystery until Rockstar deliver confirmation in the coming days. From what Product Reviews readers have told us, if the GTA V 1.12 update comes with DLC then it should contain a story driven expansion and also the ability to purchase a second home with another garage in the online game.

We heard some interesting requests when we asked about your GTA V 1.12 update desires over 2 weeks ago, which included the Jet Pack, anti tank rockets, and of course Heists. GTA V will be getting a story DLC at some point, but a number of gamers want that with the next patch along with Niko Bellic playing a part.

Other big requests include the Casino, stock market, and North Yankton (Snow) in GTA V online. Another desire that just won’t go away is the need for more car customization, especially body kits and speed upgrades with the ability to store more cars in multiplayer.


You can expect the next GTA V 1.12 update pretty soon with an expected release date within the next 7 to 10 days. Of course, you could see extra content launch with the patch this weekend but considering the previous gaps between updates, we’d expect it to go live around next weekend from Friday, March 28.

If you were in control, what would be the priority for the next GTA V DLC and update 1.12? Would it include a story DLC and are you happy to pay for a big expansion?

Personally, we really want to see the GTA V 1.12 update bring a story DLC along with the ability to own a second garage for storing our car collection online. Add to that more car customization, then we have a really great update to keep the game fresh and worth more than being given free money.

It is also worth noting that the ability to own more garages in GTA V online has already been hinted, so it’s most likely coming sooner rather than later. There’s still hopes to see GTA V deliver a massive story DLC by featuring aliens that infect humans with a virus, which then results in a zombies outbreak.

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  • chris

    get rid of the fuckend passive mode

  • JohnnyLarge

    Great idea nobody has thought why not turn the petrol stations into real ones, we have to fill up are vehicles and actually pay for petrol.

    • aldo

      Yes and if you don’t have the money for fuel you can’t go anywhere that’s what Id had thought about a while ago but it’s good to see that someone else has the same idea 👍

  • Derek Elphick

    1. Heists, 2 Non contact racing, 3 Heavy sniper can penetrate tanks, 4 Keep engine power whilst drifting, 5 Casino, 6 Twenty car garages

  • JerZu_69

    leather vests/jackets and more harleys please 🙂

  • Mrzezlma

    Ideas for cars to add… 1. Influence of 60s Ford Mustang and a 70s Ford Maverick Grabber 2. The unreleased “Elio” 3. Influence of a 90s Honda Civic Hatchback 4. Influence of 90s Toyota Supra and 90s Honda Prelude 5. Influence of a 70s Ford Hi-Boy 6. Influence of both a Ford Model T & Model A 7. Influence of a 70s Karmann Ghia 8. Influence of a 60s and/or 70s Rolls Royce 9. Influence of a 1970 Cadillac Deville 10. influence of a 1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

    Car Mods… 1. Boost/Nitro single tank-$10000 Dual tanks-$25000 Refills-$1000 per tank 2. Suspension Lifts (mostly for 4-wheelin in trucks) 3. Suspension not only lowers the car, gives better handling and makes for smoother landings 4. European style license plates 5.Suicide doors for muscle cars 6. Bumper/Front Windshield/Door stickers Make your own! 7. A really loud train horn 8. The option to have or not have certain parts on your car (hood, quarter panels, doors) and less weight adds for faster and more handling power 9. Engine upgrades make your car’s engine actually look better!

    General Upgrades to the game…. 1.Availability to purchase pandora or new radio stations from the playstation store, for in-game use 2.Availability to have a second person use the machine gun that is on top of the tanks 3. Armor piercing ammo that is only useful in damaging tanks 4. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT SO WHEN WE DRIFT AROUND A CORNER WE DON’T LOSE ALL POWER TO THE CAR, AND HAVE TO RESTART AT A DEAD STOP HALF-WAY THROUGH THE DAMN CORNER

    I Mrzezlma, hereby give full access and use of these ideas of mine, to anyone affiliated with the making of GTA 5, and all of their affiliated partners.

  • ThunderingEVIL


    HIRE ME!

    • Kyle Baldwin

      Me too I’ll give you guys some pointers and smack these fools talking trash

      • Husky

        I know right I really smacked these fools LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got £50 for it that is the good thing £50 🙂

  • Bryan Hellings

    I think that when zombies will come in GTA V they will ruin the game. It won’t be the fun GTA we have now anymore. But I do agree on getting more car customizations, and also I would like to see some more lamborghinis and stuff, that fast cars, like the veneno or the aventador, and some cool customizable supercars, where you can put on a nice spoiler like the turismo, more of that type of cars would be fun, and then real wide-bodykits like things, like the jester. I would also like to see a mazda rx-7, but if they don’t allow you to put some realy nice bodykit on it, I don’t think it is gonna work. This goes the same for the nissan skyline.

  • Heights

    Please make the cops smarter, not easier. But do allow an online mode option to turn cops off…. Like the one given in GTA IV online

    It would be more realistic if there was an online mode that resembled the radar mechanics used while playing a Death Match. In a death match, you don’t see other players on the map unless they are close or making a lot of noise. It would be nice if this were implemented into Free mode. I would like to be able to hide from other players. Not just for 60 seconds while calling Lester. Just a mode, where gamer blips don’t show up unless noisy or close.

    The option to only hear players that are within a certain range of my player. I shouldn’t be able to hear chatter from players that are on the opposite end of the map.

    When I select the option to be able to hear friend or crew chatter on my mic, I don’t want to hear other players. So, when I get killed by another player, I don’t want to hear smack talk, period. Selecting the option to turn off non friends, equals, I don’t want to hear other players.

    and please add hordes of zombies to annoy kyle baldwin. that is all.

    • CelticWolf1992

      In option too make a zombie apocalyptic city when you choose your loby option would actually be pretty cool I’m hoping for this myself :’)

  • Kai

    Houses!!! I hate that you always have thouse douche bags that sit infront of apaprtments just shooting everyone when come or go fromt their garage.

  • Francisco

    We need like a update with hydraulics and new lowrider cars along with more clothes such as pimp hats but dont forget more tattoos. Also bring back working out at the gym so when my character has shirt and is showing off my tattoos I could also look strong

  • joe

    zombies would be awesome jus not in free roam jus make it a game mod kinda like survival

  • Kyle Baldwin

    If the zombie garbage does come out you should be able to add a shield or something protective to a motorcycle. Then be able to add like a snow plow and barb wire on the sides of the truck. But honestly the Zombies I think will destroy the fun of PvP in Gta online. BunkyTown Bandits run the GTA streets and the zombies would just be annoying

  • kyle

    speedometer please

  • bradley

    maybe even a safe in our apartment to store money and even ammo

  • Francesco Massari

    WE absolutely need new enterable buildings such as pubs and discos, and open the buildings like maze bank or fib…. and the storyline must go on

  • Kyle Baldwin

    MORE ONLINE MONEY! $75 million in story mode but not a single job gives you over $50k online why??!?

    • Corey

      So you buy the cash cards

      • Kyle Baldwin

        I’m not joinin you in purchasing “cash cards” sounds wack to me

  • Kyle Baldwin

    -annihilator + buzzard mini guns controlled by passenger!!!!
    -smoke bombs
    -SKATEBOARDS!! (Weapon + Transport)
    -hockey stick
    -bring KAT WILLIAMS back!!
    -Pets! (Dogs Cats Tigers)

    • Talky

      go play the sims…

      • Kyle Baldwin

        The sims is a terrible game and I’m better than any of you at GTA . You just stick to the sims lil boy

        • joe

          shut up dude we all know you suck

        • dieter

          fight it out on gta and make a video of it guys :p

        • Kyle Baldwin

          He don’t want it! Baldwin9 add me p000ssy

        • Gta crazy

          Hay ass hole if you think you are better then any one else at gta then try t o1v1 murder me I know you can’t because you suck my gamer tag is GTA FRECK 1000 fight me you will die so many times 😮

    • reddon77

      Kat williams was hilarious lol
      yeh bring him back plz

    • Edith Villarreal

      Skateboard isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t mind riding a skateboard lol, except that I wouldn’t want to get killed every time I pass by someone -_-

  • Kyle Baldwin

    anti tank weapons is needed
    -Sticky grenade
    -something to take them out easier, since you patched the ability to snipe the driver out which was the go 2

    -A riot shield would be pretty cool
    -throwing knives
    -a ninja sword (katana)
    -car body kits
    -car decals!! (Racing stripes)
    – Open and close the Titans back door or add another Titan with a larger bay so crew member and cars can be stored and transported

  • therightman

    1st of all fix the titan (C-130) backdoor… Then make available for purchase the CARGO PLANE, add heists more garages, houses (especially MANSIONS) and more cars and cities (cities if possible).

    • Kyle Baldwin

      Put weapons on the Titan for crew members

  • Justin

    I would really like to see:
    – More garages or more car store capacity
    – Annihilator with passenger controlled miniguns in the doorways instead of pilot controlled guns at the sides.
    – Military outfits
    – Customisable crew hideouts
    And of course…..
    Fully customisable Heist.

  • lolo

    We need long hair style for online female character

  • Danny Martinez

    More off road vehicles like the FORD RAPTOR or the SILVERADO REAPER or being able to lift your cars not just lowering them. Adding sport trucks like the SVT LIGHTNING, SS 454 Chevy, SRT10 Ram .. or let us put machine guns in back of the trucks or SUVS . The ability to store more cars in your garage . Being able to customize your house

  • sam

    I’d like to see nitrous in the game

  • lilman

    I wanna see
    1.more garage space
    2.More cars…fast…more customizations
    3.Way more money missions than this crummy 18,750
    5.Costumes like dressing up……BATMAN STYLE and why not throw
    In a batcave to buy for pthe dlc..offtrack…6.hideouts
    That would be a gang secret hideout to buy…
    Make more things to buy thats good on the houseing purchases…more
    Cribs…secret places to be in………

  • Ivan


  • ktrav

    No zombies but mansions, extra garages, custom cribs, open bars, restaurants, dates, casinos, new city travel to las venturas by car or by catching a flight, you should be able to work out and get buff or eat and get fat, more sports would be good like baseball or basketball, it would also be cool if they added a prison mode where u go to jail for glitching or even just getting caught by the cops and have to survive or break out, skate boards should be easy and fun like bmx, they should bring motorcross back and this time if you drive to the arena online you can join or watch from the stands, they could make the effects of drugs and alcohol better or even longer, interaction with ai population meaning i could walk by a girl on the street and press the d pad and i can speak and they would respond

  • NomadSlick

    1. Heists
    2. Mansions
    3. Truck garage
    4. More than one house/garage atm
    5. Casino
    6. Destruction derby with new cars

    7. Jet pack
    8. APC
    9. “Dukes” car from GTA IV
    10. More customization options (paint layers, stickers, etc.)

  • SmokeythatNigga

    I want heist , Jobs that pay more . Mansions a second garage
    A map expansion , more sports , Better cheats in single player
    crib customization along with more vehicle customization. we need more rims , body kits , wheel size , etc . meaning I want to be able to put some 32’s on my american muscle.
    I want a zombie survival mode , a casino , multi-racial hair styles , longer dreads , more shoes and clothes from the story mode like the letterman jackets. Fireman missions , vigilante missions . paramedic missions , Police uniforms . The ability to go inside polcie stations and other buildings . anti-tank rockets , better flying and automatic lock on to targets. Tanks that don’t blow up easy as hell in story mode , Side missions like hunting or construction. Military vehicles , a zoo , girlfriends/ boyfriends , the ability to take over hoods. imagine always fighting to maintain control of areas online.

  • M Smith

    I am so tired of Zombies. If people want zombies go play Left for Dead, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Rising, Call of Duty, Plants vs Zombies, or some other game I can’t think of right this minute.

    • Kyle Baldwin


  • james

    Actual clothes and hair cuts for black people that we actually wear n dont comment somethin against me cause theres only 3 black haircuts and all the clothes is tight n buncb of skateboard clothes and shoes the camo and Jeans is straight just need saggin option cause when have you gone to the hood and everybody pants is ridin up they crack never but if yall think they do then yall cant comment cause yall from the burbs in see whatever media give yall or watch on TV or movies n fix the dreads they say black but they grey and dont say

    • james

      Dont say somethin about another group of players cause I dont even play games foreal but they do goy black players im not talkin bout the black people from around white people im talkin the ghetto and give us a freah linen and taper option cause it look like the hairline recedin on playera

    • zx02450

      LOL you really need to hear Eddie Griffin (black comedian) describe what sagging really means. Once you know what it means, I doubt you would want that option in the game. Or maybe you swing that way. Either way, the whole world thanks you for falling in with ignorant stereotypes about your people. Oh and FYI, you cant see your spinning rims from the inside of your own car. (golf clap)

  • immatheist

    they should patch the rhino to be able to use that coax .50 gun on the rhino tank

    • Kyle Baldwin

      Two ppl in one tank would be cool
      -but if you use a tank imma smack yo motha

  • immatheist

    Hydra and a heavily armored helicopter like the hunter would be nice.

  • Amistrulez

    They should add Vapid Benson to warstock cash and carry becouse you can transport cars with these, and skylifts too (If you even can use it to move cars)

  • Samcro VP

    My wishlist for GTA V & Online DLC:
    1. Multiple Garages for Online.
    2. Bigger garages for single player.
    3. The ability to customize Pegasus vehicles.
    4. Truck, Air & Sea vehicle customization for both singleplayer & Online.
    5. Gang warfare for Franklin in singleplayer.
    6. Crew businesses in multiplayer.
    7. The ability to store Trucks in a warehouse or hangar like in singleplayer
    8. More sports (for example Basketball & Skateboard/BMX) in multiplayer
    9. Collectibles in multiplayer. Fighting other players off to finish the collection would be more fun then driving around and getting into random gun fights or repeatedly playing missions.
    10. A special ability in multiplayer (like Franklin’s driving ability)

  • Chocago

    if they could bring a member from love fist from vice city era 3d then they can bring back cj because they still haven’t said how the ballas took over grove st and who wouldn’t love seeing franklin, Trevor, cj, sweet and maybe og loc take back grove st

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    enough with these car mods and jetpack garbage, they should be focusing on the things that matter:

    Online stock market, Heists, Casino and most importantly more aqua based stuff like missions and scuba gear

    • Kyle Baldwin

      Boats or sea missions

  • 69

    also to make your character buff and rank up faster.

  • ch

    i wish that yall put in the new dlc that is coming pink slips and be able to hack and also a drag raceing track.

  • sg

    I would like to see: Kayaks, Jet-Packs, heists, zombies, ability to own 2 garages/apartments, fishing/hunting.
    wishlist: zip line gun. more effective anti-tank weapons, turbo boost, tactical nuclear weapons.

    • Kyle Baldwin

      NO ZOMBIES! Go play a zombie based game

      • joe

        dude get a life and get off this site

  • theOnewitReason

    FOR EVERYONE WONDERING : “The Sims 4 is now set to release late in 2014″… THIS IS GTA

  • dimmz

    How about we buy durgs and sell them high to get some great money like in gta tbogt or in scarface the game , or have a casino like a big casino and its has a big prize like a luxury car or something like that , and we need to go to liberty city and have another life there a new missions a new safe houses a new of everything .

  • john

    Couldn’t really give to shits about the SP DLC, we need some meaningful Online content! It’s been almost 6 months, and we have only seen one proper update, and that was the capture mode and creator update, everything else has been cosmetic and did not really offer any real value (except for the new actions). We need a LOT more new missions (at least 50), and we need a helluva lot more 6/8 man missions (or even more than 8) and of course heists. I am still baffled by the pathetic amount of missions that can be played with 6 or more players! Far too many times I am in a session with my crew and we are 6+ and we have to split up in order to do missions, its total bull crap!! We also need sessions that have can handle more players 16 is just not enough, we should be able to have 25-30 at least per session.

  • michi

    All the players need a Fitnesscenter (Gym) for muscles this is the best for gta v.
    pls like the comment because rockstar musst see this.

    • Matthew Toomey

      Do you even lift?

  • Kyle_Diamond

    Jumbo jet in online!!!

  • David Lass

    Police Sirens on personnel cars pls ,,who’s with me ??????????

    • Joshua Don

      exactly i wish we could do that 🙁

      • Dani Cold

        Yeah Police Siren !!!!

        • Kyle Baldwin

          And more light options; police lights, off-road lights, different colours for the lights too

  • Eric David Tippett

    Bring the life from single player into online already… quick emotes to talk to NPCs and animals! Small side missions, like where people need help brought life as well. Online feels dead compared to single player.
    We need the car customization and we should be able to work out our characters like in San Andreas. Thats perfect for an online GTA game.

    • theOnewitReason

      the funny part is they have all the emotes from GTA IV that WORKED on online mode ….

  • auh2064

    Please God, no zombies.

  • D.Buonanno


    • gurk

      you have played too much cod my friend.

      • babyninja4321567

        If that’s what you’re into then I’d recommend a video game by the name Call of Duty. That’s where I think you got most of your ideas from.

        • Kyle Baldwin

          Tanks are wack! But the option to call in a group of tanks from merry weather would be cool. I hate all you tools that use your tanks online then go into passive mode!!!

    • theOnewitReason

      a Voicechat volume option would be nice but like the guy said… this isn’t COD and R* would never add gimmick features like that

    • Spud

      Go play call of duty then.

  • babyninja4321567

    Try adding a snow plow into the snowy area up north just so it gets interesting and so you can steal it and take down to the beach in Los Santos. Might I also suggest that you should most definitely add a boat carrier/trailer that you’re able to haul your boat or jet ski. And as for the rich people who want to look rich feel rich and be in a rich environment add some things into the water like Yachts and maybe shark attacks and storms that could sink your ship. Basically more interactions.Judging by my name you think I’m a kid but think again.
    Thanks for reading!

    • theOnewitReason

      ok, kid

      • babyninja4321567

        @TheOnewitREASON:disqus Lol. Knew that would happen. I’m guessing sarcasm is your middle name?

  • Christopher Crispy Paul

    A separate volume control for sirens.

  • Franklin

    I know I do not want to see aliens or zombies that is so played out with me. I played Saints Row 3/4 and have had enough. I would like to see some more single player stories just to see what happens to Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Maybe make more things like in GTA IV there were 3 strip clubs. Make more companies to own and draw income from. Make more attacks on your businesses with the ability to call help if needed. In the online it would be nice to do more than just low level stuff. Bring the FIB or CIA types back because they need help. Maybe the ability to own more property like businesses. Own yachts and have legal or illegal enterprises. Maybe own the football team or a basketball team or some of the stores like the clothing stores. Create networks where you own property and either you can make businesses or you can have chop shops or meth labs or prostitution and you have to keep them safe from other players and the law and other AI driven protagonist. The ability for online Heist with players and cpu ai where you work together.
    Maybe throw a few more cars in there and guns and make and an ability to buy of cops.

  • pink

    We want long hair style and more clothes for female character

  • james

    We need a hood fabulous dlc where you sag low medium normal hold gun one handed and get us some Jordans retro and flights and be able to make money online while in free mode by sellin crack and get a hundred dollars and some hoodies black people wear we need this because you alrrady have the skateboarding hoodies and shoes for whites give the blacks something and houses and apartements in the hood Davis rancho charlmberlain etc

    • james

      And bandanas for the face in cree colors and other colors all of this dlc goes together for a hood fabulous dlc

      • James

        Crew not cree

    • james

      Also get us some haircuts like long dreads like how king Louie or Lil durks used to be and lineups should be in the list that says haurcuts beards make up an the lineups should be fresh lineup 3 fingers from eye brow to lining and receding and we need more haircuts for blacks there is only 3 haircuts patch the dreads so theyre actually black not grey and we need a taper option for the haircuts and new hair cuts like fro but not them ugly haircuts Franklin got with them ugly designs and rockstar needs to fire whoever does the haitcuts gor black people and they actually need to sit in a known black barber shop and get 360 waves dont guess what it is

    • Sir Syphilis

      Your a Donkey, “Hood fabulous dlc” hold your gun one handed and Jordans haha you must be black, Rockstar would be moving backwards not forward with that dlc, dream on internet thug, Hood Fabulous this kid has to be one of those fairies that rap!

      • James

        First off what I said is all in saints row 1/2 and I was throwin things from saints row 2 and gta v together because I think the game would be cold if the two games were mixed together so bruh dont comment some hatin stuff and yo little 4 thumbs ups

        • Sir Syphilis

          6 now James, “Yo dawg that would be tight if they had that, cold as ice nigguhh” please stop, your just digging a deeper hole for yourself. who’d you still the game from huh? saints row blows chunks bubba, never could compete with any gta game. all I can say is your comments are fabulous lol ROFL!!!!

        • james

          Ight you happy you got 6 bruh but you are kerm with dem corny jokes. N its ight bruh im not diggin a hole i just dont give a fhuck so you n these white dudes can keep talkin from behind yo computer screen ight. Let saints row be wack bruh im not a game head thats all that interested in games bruh but keep talkin from behind a screen while im out here gettin money im done arguin wit you ops

        • theOnewitReason

          stfu u was just talking hood fabulous and ur talking that bruh, bruh…. R* would never copy saint row. if anything SR copied GTA for there whole game idea but i heard the new ones suck anyway, ironic. No more CLOTHING .. NO MORE HAIRCUTS OR TATTOOS.. we want damn missions or HEISTS. HEISTS. HEISTS. then give the lame their girl haircuts and there beltless pants

        • james

          Nobody was talkin to yo bum azz. if you aint read I said let it be wack it would be better if games were combined and hood fabulous was a name they could call it just like they had Valentines massacre and beach bum its random titles that has to with the game dlc but yall white boyz is critics n like talkin tough through keyboards bruh so gone nobody was talkin to you so move around

        • theOnewitReason

          if you cant take the heat, get the F out the kitchen.

        • james

          Move around goofy” if you cant take the heat get out the kitchen” you a lame foreal cornball just gone somewhere

        • Sir Syphilis

          Hey bruh, you speak proper English or are you to GANGSTAAAAAA for that. selling weed isn’t hood anymore black james, everyone sells dope nigguuh. and I know your not selling crack because nigguhhs always get caught. you don’t have a real job your too hood fabulous for that hahaha

        • Sir Syphilis

          Also I would be glad to find you and kick your black ass. you invite me and ill be there.

          yours truly

          The white man that kicks your ass

        • James

          The white man ths tough talkin move around cause you aint bout it man gameheads n they keyboards n how is black James a insult man yall comedy bruh its somethin so chill cause you tough talkin

        • Sir Syphilis

          To be honest iv never met a black guy named James. is it short for Jamal?

        • james

          Yo jokes is wack just stop

        • theOnewitReason

          keep upvoting your self lmao

        • Poopstick

          Yo, James! You need some grammar lessons bud! How old are you?! Btw, every rendition of sayings that you blurt out is lame as hell! Be real homie! Don’t be a chump! If you were black you would know that! 😛

        • james

          I see a new b1tch joined the conversation and I like how you little boys from da burbs like to comment dont be a chump man you a therm bruh gtfo lookin up to video games to give you lessons on how to talk like you from the hood but video games dont keep up music dont neither so dont try to talk sayin if you were black you would know that nah bruh what you hear in gta aint real so hop off my d1ck and thats real

        • james

          I dont upvote but the n1ggas that agree with me might cause they see yall tryin oh so hard to sneak diss somebody but its aight cause im done arguin with yall little game heads

        • theOnewitReason

          noone is sneak dissing you.. stop trying so hard… and you might want to look into another school to learn about to debate and maybe take a basic internet class to learn you arent the only one allowed to say whatever they want.. and lastly, wake up cause talking hard over the internet making you look child-ish.. especially when you take a random word out chief keefs lyrics lol and use it… you want a link to some BIG albums? peace

        • theOnewitReason

          i left you another comment but this site blocked it.. im not going to argue with you .. you can’t even pronounce a sentence correctly without quoting mine… you need a link to a school?

        • james

          Nah im straight af the school im at but I would like you to hop off my d1ck

  • Mick D

    Think the next dlc will be called apocalypse,it mentions it on the radio,”get ready for apocalypse comming,call ammunation for supply’s” it speaks about zombies too

  • Hot2Farz

    Lets be able to customize our homes and garages the way we want, tired of seeing the crappy movie posters

    • casper king

      its gta not sims

  • LeJorne ‘ill’uzion Pindling

    San Fierro

    • john

      Nah, Liberty City will be first, then San Fierro and then Las Venturas…….and eventually VICE!! I reckon we could see Liberty City added next year 😀


    I wish the fancy houses were at a lower price

  • ELToroLoco

    I kinda wish all the expensive houses didn’t look the same. It’d be cool if we could purchase the houses up in the hills

  • RyDaScotchDrinker

    I want to buy and Sell HOE’SSSSSSSSS………

  • buzzeye1010

    I’d love to see more types of military jets (like the one in san an).more cars would be nice too (maybe a formula 1 car lol). i speak for everyone when i say that being able to purchase another garage in online mode would be awesome, i like to have a custom car for every car set for races, but i also want all the super cars in time and i hate thinking of what ones to forget about buying. Also for the DLC, i think red dead redemption was a special game for me because if i got bored of normal mode i could go kill zombies, but the thing that let it down was no online free roam zombies. gtaV with a proper zombie story mode online (i know has been said and people say zombies are old now) but if you played state of decay then picture that mixed with gtaV. 🙂

    • V

      The normal fuckin jets gone :s

    • Cholo_209

      Lowriders with hydraulics!!. That would be good vatos!.

      • Killa Kev

        i agree with that holmes…

        • Kyle Baldwin

          The ability to take over there gangs too. Take them over and get money from them like a mobster boss with the lobster sauce

  • appl3h4ck3r

    I feel that we ned to have more cars and more customization options. I am talking to the finest detail. I don’t mind installing a large sized expansion. I think R* should introduce lift kits and larger tires for those of who like to do that, because I know there are some people who would appreciate that. Maybe also work on the water splash effects when it rains. GTA IV had the best water effects when driving a vehicle. They could alson introduce the ability to buy the same properties in GTA Online in Story Mode, complete with garages. More big-money heists would also be something. I’d like to buy that golf course but I don’t evem have close the money I need. I’d also like to see the ability to fly to North Yankton. Maybe acquire a safe house there?

  • Andrew Nixon

    I lost the ability to buy upgrades after 1.10 update

  • Actually I would like to see a fix for races. I have given up on them since every freaking race is for Supers and are for modded cars. How can a stock car win against modded? I never win therefore I can’t upgrade. So I am left with finding someone to swap wins with to upgrade my cars. This tells me the requirement to win to upgrade is a broken formula. I can prove this because of the very need to swap wins. Fix this R* let us buy upgrades.

    • jiunii

      you do know if you race by yourself the win counts right?

      • Jordan Marzola

        That is not true at all Jiunii. You should test your theory before you go trolling people.

        • GJ

          Actually it is true.

        • Panda Boy

          no its not, you cant unlock the mods by racing solo

        • casper king

          that was true but now been patched lmao

  • ChopBlockRocks

    I think I speak for all when I say “WE WANT HEIST!!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!!” Plus more vehicle mod options and anti-tank missiles for the Buzzard, Lazer, and your person.

  • Supra3300

    They need to lower the prices and make it easier to get money and make jobs give out more money

    • iOlrickx

      It’s already very easy to make money and jobs pay out enough as it is. There’s several NPC jobs that pay out $12,500 that can easily be completed on hard which then gives you around $19,000 which is a lot for a job that takes about 3 minutes to complete

      Not to mention Races, Deathmatches, Versus etc which I’ve seen pay up to $40,000 depending how long it takes, how many people take part and the average level for everyone involved.

      In a couple of hours I can make around $1,300,000 give or take a few hundred thousand depending on wait times.

      • GJ

        How what missions and races give out must money or xp.

        • moneymitch

          Rooftop rumble unlock at 75 $18000+ and 3000+ rp

    • Just do the jobs and make plenty of cash. I make upwards of $300,000.00 a day running jobs

  • I want apartments and garages all over San Andreas. I want to spread out my crime empire. And, oh yeah, I want to go fishing in all those nice rivers, lakes and oceans. OK? And heists. And BAWSAQ. And More of everything that we already have.

    • I agree about fishing and the more of everything as well.

  • E.T.

    Screw a new story. There is more potential for GTA V Online. There shouldn’t even be talk of a new story, there is much to do online. Heist, patching, online dlc, bug fixes, online stock, obvious clothing/vehicle/cycling add-ons, property in blain county. Social Club bug fixes.

  • Marcus Winston

    New motorcycles!

  • The Grizzle Bazzle Kid

    I think the online addition of a casino and actual gambling could cause problems seeing how real currency can be used to purchase in game money. Once real money comes into play I think real laws will be close behind, sorry kids under 18 no more gta 5 after the gambling patch :p

    • jon

      Then simply only allow “earned cash” to be used In casinos

    • press

      you sir need to turn your brain back on. for they are not paying real money to gamble there paying for fake money that is for them to do whatever they want with and gambling to win or lose that fake money is a option its not like they are paying 100$ for a spin on the machine

  • Nate Ksp Santana

    They need to add the ability to buy your dogs any type , add jet packs , monster trucks and a flame thrower oh and they should add accessible houses in the country side not just los santos .


    GTA 5 ONLINE would be over the top if they added casinos for gambling, mansions with a large garage, zombie/alien survivals, heists and new missions for the high level users (over 100). Some small things that would be neat to have would be the option to buy and store police vehicles and be able to complete “vigilante” missions, just like previous grand theft auto games. Also, the option to customize aircraft vehicle colors would be a perk. Last but not least, I feel rockstar should incorporate animals to GTA ONLINE. Animals in GTA online could bring hunting games or competitions, who really wouldn’t want to play with sharks with your crew members? Rock star could easily add animals and then bring back the concept in Red Dead Redemption of selling your killings to “markets” around the map. I am happy with GTA 5 so far, its only a matter of time that rock star makes a big leap. The real question is, which path will rock* takes.

    • Todd P

      Great ideas..

    • Halo0fDtuy

      might sound lame but fishing would be cool imagine catching some of the fish just to waste time and maybe introducing competition fishing into the game as well

  • Anonymous

    Access to fort zancudo and the airport in content creator, and the ability to sneak into fort zancudo if your not spotted, instead of instantly alerting the entire base.

  • Oh Noooooo

    Mansions, extra garage space, and heists. THATS ALL I WANT

  • Big Gingey

    I want the cash flow problem fixed. Things are still too expensive for the amount of money you get for jobs. If heists come out it might fix that problem, as banks have A LOT of money.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    The neon lights under the cars!

  • pink

    Plz care about online female character! We want long hair styles like the girls in city and more clothes its frustrating to see all those boyish hairstyles ..y u care about men need only cars etc ..I hope some 1 will hear us..

    • theOnewitReason

      lol this isnt the sims

  • Ali Hamza

    Story of a Prison break dlc or at least do survival challenges in there but why is it restricted.

    • Kyle Baldwin

      YESSSS! A survival at Zancudo or Jail with the guards and prisons

  • Anthony Casas

    I want the new cars! Zentorno Massacro and Huntley

  • airsoftelite

    Military uniforms and zombies thats all i want.

    • HG25_SFOD

      Some best 5 military camo and vehicles and aircrafts. Hope tht arrive soon or after heists

  • James Love

    2nd garage is a must! Fed up of making the hard decision of what car to swap 🙁 Zombie expansion would be fun. More importantly though….Cargobob & Jet need to be availible for purchase online!!!!

    • Marcus Winston

      Awww you dont like hard decisions :,(