Your first tweet revealed on new website

Twitter turned 8 yesterday and as a way to help celebrate, a new site has been released that shows everyone their first tweets. Being able to see your first tweet is very strange because it gives you a glimpse into how you used to think, and what you used to tweet about.

We know that many of those first tweets are not that great because when we first started to use Twitter, we were unsure of what to say, and so more often than not those early tweets were terrible.

The new website that allows you to see your first tweet automatically take you to your username, but only if you are logged in. However, you can also search other people’s first tweets, such as people or brands you are following.

Many of us love to follow Stephen Fry, and his first tweet was, “Hello Twitterers. I’m About to fly to Africa for a new project and will be tweeting whilst I’m filming.”

Our first tweet was on April 5th, 2008 and was rather boring because all it said was, “Looking at different communities on mybloglog.”

There are hours of fun to be had using this tool, and we’d love to know who you searched to see those first tweets.

By the way, my best tweet was by Tom Hanks, as he wrote, “Testing… testing… Is this thing on?”



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