OVIVO Mobile down, starts number transfer

- Mar 21, 2014

Within the last day you might have noticed the OVIVO Mobile network is down and unlike the Everything Everywhere signal problems a few days ago, this outage will be permanent thanks to the OVIVO Mobile networking closing down for good and offering a number transfer. The UK company didn’t give any warnings before closing and just explained on the official ovivomobile.com website that the situation was “beyond” their control.

If you didn’t use this service, then in a nutshell it did things different by being a virtual network with prices starting from free. We have added a screenshot below of what the tariffs were at one point, and as you can see this allowed you to access Vodafone’s network from free.

They did make money of course, which was done through advertising appearing every so often. Today, you will see forums filled with messages from OVIVO Mobile customers complaining about the service for phones going down. This result came thanks to no warning being given and some people even handed money over within the last few hours.


How do you feel about the OVIVO Mobile network shutting down? If you were hit by this, did you have no problem getting your PAC code for a OVIVO Mobile number transfer?

The ovivomobile.com website is also gone along with social channels, although you can still see a form and the message above that explains they’ve shut down. If you want to keep your mobile phone number you used with the OVIVO Mobile network, then you need to fill out the form to get a PAC code from the official website.

We have heard from some people saying that the PAC code hasn’t come through from OVIVO Mobile “I applied for my PAC code from OVIVO Mobile, but it looks like the issue we all have now is how long it will take to get my number moved to another phone provider”, said one Product Reviews reader. The delay for a PAC code will be due to a high demand after the news that their service has shut down.

Leave a comment below if you were one of the thousands that used the OVIVO Mobile network and if you have received a PAC code, then feel free to explain how long it took to come through.

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  • jaceyuu

    I applied for a PAC Code immediately but I have never received it. I applied again and they said they’d sent it but to apply again. I did apply again and zilch. I’m annoyed cos I’ve had that number for years. Their website is offline now. Anyone know if there’s anything I can do now?

  • tracey

    our PAC would not work . we rang the new provider who confirmed the OVI was all letters followed by numbers. we thought the I was a 1

  • Helena Macartney

    I got a Pac code for one phone and it didn’t work. I put in for another Pac request for Another phone at the same time. I’m still waiting. Have a feeling I am goin to loose the numbers.

  • Roy Russon

    I joined 2 months ago I did apply for PAC but never received it easier just to get a new number also I had received only the day before they shut down a sim for my grandson do that was £20 down the drain just as well I hadn’t cancelled his existing sim with Virgin

  • Sowmyn

    Talkhome mobile is giving £5 when port your number from OVIVO

  • Sowmyn

    But OVIVO is giving PAC straight away when you request …you just have to wait for 2 days to get your service active after going to a new provider .

    • PK

      I applied for a pac code on the day ovivo shut down but to date I have not received it.

      • Legalabs

        Same here I applied the day after it shut down, and still no PAC code

  • leftrightupdown

    Although one PAC may be used for multiple numbers, it will only work for numbers that have been linked to the PAC.

  • Janet

    Can someone who has already used their pac code post it so others can try it please?

  • John Pearce

    I applied the day that the network shut down. I had four sims on Ovivo, I’ve not had notice of PAC code at all, but clicking on the link on the site provided me with the numbers after just 24hrs, still no emails though.

    I was a little concerned at first, as I only had the two PAC numbers, for four sims, but they all transferred over OK to GiffGaff.

    So if you haven’t received your code via email, don’t despair, go back to the Ovivo site and click the link to get your code.

  • An Ovivo Refugee

    I needed pacs for four numbers and I requested them four days ago. One was here within a couple of hours, the next came a day later and I’m still waiting for the other two.

    • An Ovivo Refugee

      Update: The third pac came in an email the day after I last posted. I had to chase up the last one via the code retrieval form. My sister, who applied on the day after Ovivo went down, is still waiting for her pac. Son, mum and sister heading to Three, hubby to GiffGaff, me to TalkMobile.

  • appletonian

    Been waiting 4 days now getting annoyed cos no mobile use but want to keep my number . Ready to go to 3.2.1. But need this PAC code what can I do ????

  • stefan

    No doubt the big mobile companies hated them as they were taking away their business more and more. I think their greed/bribery/threats have something to do with it and that it was inevitable.

    I’m gutted and as a very low user will go with ‘3’s 3-2-1 PAYG for now. But I’m sure with free texting apps, email, multi-SIM phones, wi-fi tablets etc. that we can defy the greed of the big boys and I for one am bent on doing it!

    • Patsy

      Companies dont hate.

  • mrp

    I just bought a sim off them.. I’ve not even registered it. Can I get my money back?

  • cazmillon

    If you have requested a pac code (mine was 6 hours ago) then go on the ovivo home page and look for the click here link after ‘check the status of your request’. Enter the phone number and email address you used to request the pac code. After pressing submit I got my pac code there and them even though I haven’t yet received any email

  • Simon

    Do you get the PAC code by e-mail ? If so not had anything yet?

  • Paulemma

    I just checked on the Ovivo website and it gives me a PAC code, But mine and my wife’s are the same, Is this normal?

    • losteric

      Exactly the same for us – my and my wife have been given the same PAC code, even though we have two different Ovivo numbers. Can someone kindly advise if this is correct or not.

      • Patsy

        And me..

  • dandybell

    Requested code yesterday…nothing yet.

  • Drizzid

    Been waiting for 2 days. Still no PAC code…

    • Simon

      Got a PAC code but my new company don’t accept it and say it doesn’t work!

      • Graham

        I also got a pac code and my new supplier said it as been rejected at there end ?