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New Starbucks app iPhone joy, Android anger

It has turned out to be a fantastic week for Starbucks lovers. The coffee experts have just relaunched their app, with the Starbucks app 3.0 update offering a completely new redesign and user experience. However, unfortunately these new features are only available if you are using an iPhone, not Android.

Not for the first time, it appears that Android users have not been invited to the party. The new Starbucks app for iPhone is fantastic to use and the digital tipping feature is a nice touch. However, those on Android have been left frustrated and there’s no exact ETA as of yet on when Android users will be getting the update.

As you can imagine, this has rubbed up some Starbucks coffee lovers in the wrong way, with some taking their anger out on Starbucks via social media.

Here’s some of the reaction that we’ve seen, including one user who laments the fact that she was sent an email from Starbucks on the new update, which doesn’t mention anything about Android.

Another comment from a frustrated user questions why Android users have been left out to dry again with the Starbucks Android app:

Let’s hope it won’t be long until Starbucks delivers the new and improved Starbucks app for Android users to enjoy as well.

If you are a big fan of the Starbucks app and have been using it for many months, let us know your thoughts on the fact that Starbucks has once again given Android users the short straw.



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