Limbo state for 2014 Mac mini

By Peter Chubb - Mar 21, 2014

It’s been almost a year and a half since Apple last updated the Mac mini, but there have been various rumors of a 2014 model release over the past couple of month. However, the lack of constraint in regard to stock seems to prove otherwise. More often than not, current stock dwindles ahead of a new model and while there have been early signs of low stock; this was only for small retailers because the larger retailers have plenty of stock, and so does the Apple Store.

It would seem an early 2014 Mac mini release is currently in doubt because of this fact, so where does this put the small desktop? Its release does seem to be in a limbo state for the moment, and with no sign that Apple has upped any shipment of parts from suppliers, one has to wonder if we might not have to wait until later in the year?

Debating a need for a Mac mini 2014 update – The current model has already started to show its age seeing as though the industry moves at such a fast rate, but then again maybe Apple feels as though the demand just isn’t there. It’s all well and good saying the mini is in need of an upgrade to Haswell, but this chip is more beneficial on their MacBook’s because how they are more power efficient, something that is unnecessary in a desktop.

Limbo state for 2014 Mac Mini release

We know that Haswell does help to improve overall performance and helps work much better with graphics cards, and so Apple could put a far better video card in a new Mac mini and then target it more towards gamers, although that is an unlikely scenario.

Apple doesn’t really share Mac mini sales as they do with their iPhone’s and iPad’s, and so we are unable to say if sales have fallen to such a rate that they could actually think about discontinuing the small desktop. Again, we think this is highly unlikely because the Mac mini is considered to be the ideal first computer for those making the switch to Mac because of its low cost – well not as low as some Windows PCs.

Maybe Apple is just extending the release cycle of the Mac mini, and who knows, maybe they really are thinking of shrinking its entry-level desktop even further? If this was the case, then we can understand what is taking them so long. The thing is, Apple could have updated the Mac mini at any time because they have the hardware to hand, and so a complete redesign has to be the answer, right?

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  • e27

    If you need the mini right now – buy it now. If you have the time to wait – then sit on the sidelines. We picked up a mini at the end summer 2013 speced with a 2.6 – 8 – 256 ssd and have not looked back. Even at that point a new mini was expected to be announced – if we waited we would still be waiting. So do whatcha got to do. Our little quad has just enough hp for our 60p 1080 video rendering needs – haha. Peece

  • ex-X5

    Well, I WAS going to make the switch to Mac after a long stint with PC. Got all psyched up for the Mini in Feb but nuthin’. Couldn’t wait any longer so I built a top notch Mini ITX PC that will last me a few years. I have to wonder how many sales Apple has lost dilly dallying around like this. Or better yet how many potential customers PC has kept due to it. “Hey, I got cash, anybody want it?”. Crickets from Apple’s side of the room.

  • Berty

    My limited (as with everyone else’s) knowledge only leaves me guessing. I’m frustrated as I’m wanting to purchase a mini but worry that shortly afterwards they will release an updated or replacement model. No ones knows and so we should stop being fed views by those who know nothing but appear to be self appointed fortune tellers. Chilax dudes!

    • Dave

      I’m in the same boat. Am waiting to get a mac mini, but am currently stuck in a waiting pattern. It’s the perfect solution for me… I don’t want to spend more for an imac when I already have a good monitor, keyboard and mouse sitting around. I just need a solid desktop machine.

      • Etc

        Same boat too!