COD Zombies standalone game demand

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2014

How bad do you want to see a new COD zombies game in 2014? It looks like we won’t be seeing one with Black Ops 3, but the demand to see zombies this year is still as high as it’s ever been, specifically from fans who want to see a COD zombies standalone game instead.

Although many fans have been skeptical on whether Call of Duty can still deliver as the ‘number one’ console shooter, there has been very little to argue against Call of Duty zombies being one of the most popular social gaming activities in recent years.

Treyarch has created something of a gold mine and there’s rumors around suggesting that Activision has now decided to make Treyarch the lead Call of Duty developers ahead of Infinity Ward, partly due to the success that zombies has had.

Activision will also be aware of the backlash if there is no COD zombies to play in 2014. We don’t know what co-op mode Sledgehammer Games will bring to the table yet, but many fans only want to see Treyarch’s zombies regardless – so it’s going to be a frustrating wait.

Either way, we hope that Activision meets the demand soon. We wonder if there is any chance that Activision could be tempted to just give the fans what they really want – a Call of Duty zomibes standalone game featuring zombies and nothing else.

This has been desired since Call of Duty World at War, but so far Activision has not taken the bait. Do you think it would be such a terrible move if they did do it? You can still see such a game flying off the shelves if it did happen.

Let us know your thoughts on the wait for a new COD zombies game. Simple question: Would you buy a COD zombies standalone game or not?

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  • Diefenbaker

    I would definitely buy a standalone Zombie game. I love Treyarch’s Zombies. They made a little bonus mode one of my favorite game modes of all time. I could play Zombies all day and never get bored of it. It’s a shame we have to wait another year just for its return.

  • UndeadBane-85

    I’m SICK of redundant gaming. SICK of starting with the same pistol. I want to develop MY character and HIS loadout/proficiencies at survival. Its time to EVOLVE.

    • Diefenbaker


  • UndeadBane-85

    It would all depend on HOW they set it up. I don’t CoD miisions with a Zombie theme. I want a stand-alone entity based heavily online in an open, persistant setting ruled by randomly roaming undead.

  • William Newton

    Absolutely. Zombies for Black OPs Two was amzazing, especially Buried. Would love to see a full game that explains the entire story and has the sames characters. Would be sick!!!!

  • ray

    hell ya I would love to play Nazi zombies as a full game by its shelf because just to have a story mode would be great I would buy at lest 7 copies of the go zombies

  • AnglDeath491

    I would buy it, only one change i would make don’t make the zombies harder to kill the higher up you make it just keep making the hoard bigger and bigger.

  • Ocelot

    I would love to see this and also have every single past map and new ones to be added.

  • flowryder

    zombies is the only reason I buy/ play COD. I’ve purchased all three that have zombie mode and every map for each of them. If they want my money it must have the zombies game.

  • Angel Garcia

    I would definitely buy a copy. COD zombies has a lot more potential than just being an extra game mode on black ops.

  • aaron shali