Sony PS4 VR headset specs with Morpheus

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2014

Sony has finally announced their worst kept secret, with the official unveiling of the Sony PS4 Virtual Reality headset, which we now know has been called Project Morpheus. We know that it is being designed to use with the PS4, but unfortunately Sony hasn’t given out any hints on a possible Morpheus PS4 release date or price yet.

That’s because it’s a prototype at the moment, with Sony not shy to concede that the technology is still in development. Thankfully though, we do have a first image to show you, as well as the first official PS4 VR headset spec list to share.

Sony has said that they are working on making Morpheus as comfortable to use as possible, and ensuring that the device adopts the plug and play format. They have also revealed that the tracking technology inside the headset will be based using the same technology that is used for the PS Move accessory.

The image you see above is the first image of Morpheus that has been shared by Sony. It looks impressive on first impressions, and even something to remind us what those funky guys at Daft Punk wear on their heads.

Back to reality though, it’s clear that we are still a long way off from a public release. Sony has said that their announcement now has come during GDC 2014 as they want to gain input from developers who will be able to go hands-on with the tech during the event.

For now though we leave you with the official spec sheet. Give us your reaction to Morpheus and whether you think it could be commercially successful or not. Do you think one of the biggest barriers will be convincing gamers that it isn’t a gimmick?

Specs of Sony’s first VR headset for PS4:

Component: Processor unit, head-mounted unit
Display Method: LCD
Panel Size: 5 inches
Panel Resolution: 1920xRGBx1080 (960xRGBx1080 per eye)
Field of View: 90 degrees
Tracking: 1000Hz; full 360 degrees rotation
Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Connection interface: HDMI + USB
Function: 3D audio, Social Screen

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  • If you have ever tried VR, you’d know it’s legit. I recall using a VR headset about fifteen years ago. Back then, it was amazing and left an everlasting impression and that was for approximately a five minute stint. With the environments that our current consoles are capable of, I don’t think it will be very difficult to convince people of what it is capable of providing. It is a technology that is way beyond what 3D brings to the table. I suspect that VR will be much more than a gimmick if brought to the public.

    • NeverAgain

      I don’t know why it has to be an either/or proposition when it comes to 3D and VR. I love 3D and I also am excited about VR. The problem, for me at least, is that after the way they summarily dumped the 3D idea (just after I stumped up the cash buy an expensive 3D Bravia) I could not justify buying a Morpheus because it will be MUCH more difficult for devs to add in VR compatibility, whereas devs have dumped adding 3D in and that is much easier to do from a dev stand point. Therefore, it seems likely that if VR doesn’t take off in the first year or two, then it will be dumped and you will have an expensive paper weight on your hands. And just like 3D TVs, not everyone will have one in the first couple of months. Unfortunately, the industry seems to be very impatient with giving new tech a chance to find its feet. For these reasons, it is bound to fail under current attitudes that give new tech no more than a year or two. I will not be getting one for this reason. At least my new TV has a use outside of 3D games and movies. Unfortunately, when Sony dump VR, there will be no further use for the hardware.

      • My LG 3D TV has also become stale except for the occasional 3D movie. I hope they start releasing 3D games for the PS4 or XBox One. Either way, I’ll get some more use out of the technology.