PS4 1.63 update weeks away

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2014

As we told you earlier this week, Sony has issued a new PS4 update to 1.62 but unfortunately it wasn’t the update that PS4 owners were looking for. It was another stability update which didn’t introduce any new functionality to users, but we’re glad to say that Sony are planning to make the next update a lot more exciting.

Attention has now shifted towards the forthcoming PS4 1.63 update which we can confirm will land in a matter of weeks rather than months. Sony has confirmed this early themselves in a new blog entry which you can read in full here.

It confirms that the next update will finally add some meaningful new functionality to the console, whilst also making those who like to record gameplay very happy indeed.

PS4 1.63 is going to remove the PS4 HDCP barrier that prevented users from plugging in their own recorders to capture PS4 footage using HDMI. Sony prevented this feature at launch, but we’re pleased to say that Sony will be bringing it to the masses with the next update.

That’s not all though, as Sony are also going to be improving on their Twitch app. Some gamers have complained that the Xbox One app has more functionality than Twitch on PS4. One of these is the ability to broadcast in 720p, which is now going to be on PS4 as well when the update arrives.

Other features that we can confirm are definitely coming are a video editor and also the ability to save content that you ‘Shared’ to a USB drive – which is a very nice addition we have to say.

Of course it isn’t all of the features that are top of your wishlist. We still don’t have a native PS4 YouTube app, or 3D Blu-Ray support – two of the most basic features that are on PS3 at the moment.

Sony also promised MP3 support, as well as PS4 DLNA support but we are still waiting for them too. Having said that, we fully expect them to deliver on their promises – we just have to be patient as Sony aims to improve the PS4 in each area slowly.

Are you happy about the confirmed updates mentioned above? What are you personally waiting for Sony to add to the PS4 to make it a better experience? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • MP3! Now!

  • TBONE204

    It’s ridiculous that there are features that the PS3 that the PS4 doesn’t. Get your act together SONY! People shouldn’t be taking a step backward by shelling out their money for this “new” system. I for one, refuse to go spend hundreds of dollars on something that sets me back in functionality rather then move me forward.

  • Destroyer11687

    I don’t understand why Sony is being so slow with getting support for DLNA out there. I know several people who will not even purchase a PS4 until it is put on the machine. I myself find very little use for my PS4 outside of gaming compared to my PS3 which I’m forced to continue to use if I want to access the media server. I feel I have been patient and now I’m getting frustrated. At least tell us what time frame we should expect to see the update in.

  • vince

    3d blue – ray sooner then later

  • Stylinred

    3d blu-ray please… i dont want to run both the ps4 and ps3 in my main gaming/movie room

  • nenito2k .

    RIDICULOUS !!!! Where the hell is 3D & DNLA support ??? We also want sony to update the algorithm of the ps4 scaler !!! scaling sucks compared to ps3 !!!!
    Now is the time to release all of these features that have been on ps3 for 6 years !!!!!!!
    Ps4 is not selling in japan anymore…these features will help !!!
    SONY wake up !!!! many of us will not buy the console, until that is sorted out

  • kynky

    Can’t understand why there isn’t 3D support, it’s not like SONY make 3D films is it?

  • travis warner


  • Guest

    DLNA, being able to make folders and organize my games and apps

  • VisceralVenom

    There’s nothing of interest here for me. DNLA only!

  • Aaron Aiossa

    I’m very happy with the console as it is now, so I guess I will be happier now haha

  • Any improvements are good. I don’t have any in particular that I’d like to see first. I’m patient and expect them to take their time. Having DNLA and 3D BD support are two that I am excited to see. Overall though, I’m quite pleased with what has been offered and think they’re doing an outstanding job.

  • Daniel evans

    Yes im happy, its good they are improving the sharing features. Being able to play and store our own music would be nice for the future. I dont mind how long it takes aslong as its on their list of things to do. Cheers sony.