DriveClub delay not solely down to VR support says Sony president

By Marlon Votta - Mar 20, 2014

Speculation surrounding the delay of PS4 exclusive DriveClub suggests this was mainly due to the implement virtual reality support, but Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has recently discarded these rumours as just that.

The discussion came up at the GDC 2014 where Yoshida confirmed to Gamespot that this was indeed a rumour, although he does admit to experimentation with the cockpit view with the help of Project Morpheus. He insists that the VR only worked at low driving speeds, while those increasing the speed made this more “difficult and sickening.”

DriveClub was announced as a launch title for the PS4 back when the system was revealed in New York last year and was delayed until early this year, giving Evolution the opportunity to return to the drawing board with it.

Comments made by Yoshida are highlighted on the Gamespot website as he mentions how his experiences at high speeds gave him the effects of motion sickness, and informs gamers that Evolution Studio is “not working on Morpheus at all,” as they are currently concentrating all their efforts into completing this game.

While we wait patiently for DriveClub to arrive, Yoshida feels that the extra time given will be beneficial when it comes to the visuals and overall experience, giving us reason to believe it definitely will be worth the wait.

With that in mind, we recently found some information that could pin down an actual date as we spoke about Amazon leaking DriveClub PS4 release date. While we mentioned how the online giant can sometimes jump ahead of schedule by listing items and their release dates prematurely, we get the impression late September could be the month when the eagerly awaited title arrives.

Leaks suggest DriveClub could release in the States on Tuesday, 30th September, yet Amazon’s listing shows Friday, 3rd October. From the snippets of news we are getting this title could eventually release near enough a year after it was expected, so are you starting to get impatient with DriveClub on the PS4?

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  • Mike McKee

    So what does that date imply regarding Gran Turismo coming to PS4 in anyone’s lifetime? It wouldn’t make sense to have both debut in close proximity, which suggests GT will be even farther out.

    More and more convinced that my decision to go with XBOX ONE was the right one, at least for now. We’ve had Forza 5 since day one. If Sony ever offers me a reason to get a PS4 as well, I will gladly pick one up. So far I don’t see any point in doing that however.

  • Daniel J Martin

    A Freaking YEAR LATE !!!! Just plain ridiculous.