Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls release date excitement

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2014

The wait is almost over for Diablo 3 fans. Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is almost ready for release and after a recent teaser, we’re pleased to say that the Reaper of Souls trailer in full is now available for viewing.

To say that this expansion is in high demand is a bit of an understatement. Reaper of Souls is the first expansion pack for the game and has been in development for over half a year.

It’s also very significant as Reaper of Souls will introduce a brand new class to the game – the Crusader who will specialize in defensive play. If you thought the teaser trailer was exciting, just take a look at the whole thing in full as you’ll probably be very impressed and even hungrier than before.

Unfortunately, there’s still no Diablo 3 PS4 release date which is what most of you are desperate to see as well. Hopefully Blizzard will be able to get Reaper of Souls out on March 25 and then focus fully on the PS4 version which was originally promised in the build up to the console’s launch.

If you already have your pre-order, give us your expectations of Reaper of Souls below – are you happy to be paying $39.99 for the content?

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  • rob1970

    Reaper of soul’s was also announced for Xbone in january,i would hate to think the PS4 version has been delayed so that Blizz can bring an Xbone port up to scratch.

    • TsarPride

      It’s not coming to xbone for along time.

  • Joseph Purdy

    The PS4 was the first console system to have a preorder for Diablo 3 at Gamestop. Then, two weeks later they took preorders on PS3 and Xbox 360. Blizzard could have made a significant more amount of money if they released it for the PS4 launch. Then DLC the Reaper of Souls expansion later. They lost massive revenue to rehashed EA sports games and, Kill Zone. Game has been in development for over a decade at this point.

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    I would have Diablo III release date excitement, if they HAD a release date for my PS4. I expected to be playing this now while listening to the new Demon Hunter album for an appropriate soundtrack.

    But, not even a vague date. I guess Blizzard wants to play on Inferno mode and release at the same time as The Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Lords of the Fallen, and maybe even Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

    Idiocy. If it’s out on PC, give it a release date for PS4.

  • mikeebullock

    Very exciting indeed! I am getting both the PC version and the PS4 version even though I have not played it in well over a year. I heard the PS4 version is great. They really seemed to have listened to the fans in their changes to the game.

    Also the article says the game has been in development for over half a year. Think it’s supposed to say over a year and a half.