Black Ops 3 with PS4 lead platform

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2014

Are you still under the assumption that Black Ops 3 will release in 2014? If you haven’t heard the news though the Call of Duty 2014 game is not going to be Black Ops 3 by Treyarch. Instead it could be a new Modern Warfare game developed by Sledgehammer Games, which has obviously been met with disappointment for zombie lovers.

When Black Ops 3 finally does arrive though, we have some interesting possibilities to share with you thanks to a new revelation that has become apparent this week.

With 2015 looking like the time when Treyarch will give us Black Ops 3, an industry insider has suggested that when it does arrive the lead platform could be PS4, rather than Xbox One.

This information has come from Pete Dodd who has been correct on previous leaked information and is starting to gain quite a following within gaming communities for details that he hears and wastes no time in making it public.

You can see him mention this over at Neogaf here, but we’ll include the full quote here to make it easier:

“The PS4 is above and beyond all projections and publishers are re-calibrating to this. I heard that activision is going to make a public announcement about COD changing to the PS4 as lead platform. I have no idea if this means DLC (I assume MS locked that down for multiple years) but COD was a XBOX 360 game that happened to be on the ps3 last gen. That will be a hugely symbolic move… and don’t discount what that means to the masses.”

He is right in saying that if this does go ahead, it would truly be something of a monumental game changer for PS4 and Xbox One owners alike. For years, PS3 owners have had to put up with seeing Xbox 360 receive Call of Duty DLC first, with PS3 always last to the tablet on information.

Not to mention Call of Duty on Xbox always being used at public events and during any Call of Duty adverts on TV or online.

If Microsoft’s deal has run out, Sony could have swooped to ensure that COD still has a home on console – but on the PS4 this time starting with Black Ops 3. Remember that it was seen as a huge surprise when Bungie – formerly an Xbox developer announced Destiny, a game that will have exclusive content on PlayStation rather than Xbox.

This is already a deal in place between Activision and Sony so it wouldn’t be completely farfetched to see Activision want to extend this to Call of Duty if the Microsoft deal really has expired.

Talk within the grapevine suggests that this deal may be coming to a close, although we’re yet to see any substantial evidence of this and Microsoft could obviously just pay up and ensure that Call of Duty remains an Xbox One brand for the foreseeable future.

Either way, there’s no denying that this could be a massive bombshell if it ever did happen. Let us know what you think of the insider claims this week.

Could you really imagine Black Ops 3 PS4 DLC arriving 30 days before Xbox One sometime in the future?

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  • PlayStationFTW

    I myself am a BIG PlayStation/Sony Fan! This is quite exciting. I think the reason people could be leaning more towards the PS4 in the future is because it’s on the path to even more success, while Xbox has almost used up all of it’s resources going into XboxOne. If anything, the PlayStation will become either ultimately equal or more superior with the future Xbox consoles…

  • Ps4 fan

    Thank u god been waittin for this to happen a long time now even wen I prefear black ops over mw games but I still play them al ghosts is a good game jst got to get used to it as it nothing like black ops or mw

  • PS3 fan guy

    hey i would loved to see that. I’d always hate to see DLC coming out for xbox all the time. so there needs to be a change ASAP. PS3 & PS4 ALL DAY SON Xbox sucks 😛

  • sactown

    sony was always better than xbox crap. i liked waiting 30 days tho. i knew what to do on those zombies maps better. first time playing those maps are like a crazy maze

  • Rhys

    I’m a comp player and all cod competitions are all on xboxs so I hardly think they’ll change because that would mean comp would change and the best players don’t like ps4 as much and scuf prefers xbone obviously

  • Daniel evans

    this doesnt surprise me. Lots of developers have already leaned to ps4 as lead platform. I would imagine this being the case for the forseable future.

    • John

      If that’s the case then I may have spent the best $400 ever

    • XBox…Off

      Same. It is more powerful and therefore gives them more resources to do more things with their games. Devs into hand gestures and voice commands, however, will still lean to the XBone.