Avengers Alliance Playdom shutting down anger

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2014

The nightmare moment has just arrived for Avengers Alliance players on Playdom. Those who play on the Playdom.com version have just been given a message that Marvel’s Avenger Alliance is shutting down, with mass anger inevitably starting to run its course.

Playdom are already a company who find it difficult to give reasons for their actions sometimes, but this may just be the final nail in the coffin for those who play the game via Playdom’s website.

Those logging into the game today have been given the above message, confirming that Avengers Alliance is shutting down on April 20, 2014. Playdom has given no solid reasoning behind the move either which is hard to take, only to say that the closure will allow them to build ‘more engaging’ games – ouch.

As you can imagine, users are not very happy about this move at all given the time and effort they have spending tirelessly grinding away for items.

Playdom has also used the same statement to warn that they will not be able to offer any refunds of any items purchased on the game after it closes in April. For now, players can still play the game on Facebook but that statement sounds very harsh indeed on Playdom players.

We can already see that a petition has been set up to convince Playdom to reverse the decision, some arguing that it offers features not available on the Avengers Alliance Facebook version. Some would even be willing to pay a subscription to keep the game running on Playdom if necessary.

We think the lack of community feedback has once again caused the anger here. By saying that they are shutting down to ‘build more engaging’ games doesn’t help either.

Give us your reaction to Avengers Alliance shutting down. By the way, happy two year anniversary.

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  • Matthew Nelson

    I Can’t help but wonder if legal action is an actual option considering the above screenshot. There have to be a large number of people who didn’t click OK and, therefore, never agreed to forfeiture of the right to be refunded. Myself for instance.

  • Dolph Grunt

    It’s funny. I don’t play this game, I play Star Wars commander. But I found this article after looking up Playdom due to their terrible support in the aforementioned Star Wars game. It doesn’t sound like they’ve really improved since Disney acquired them, either.

    I get the feeling they don’t have anyone at Disney qualified to effectively manage this company.

  • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

    I think its disgusting that they wont even offer anything to help you “Get started” on facebook, or on a separate note I feel its even more disgusting that they wont even refund the players that spend a thousand+ bucks on their stupid game, I feel like suing playdom wouldnt even be enough if that was possible…

  • I started on the Facebook version, but soon discovered that the 50 gift limitation can be quite a barrier during SO missions. A friend told me about the PD site version, so I registered an account there as well and dual played for a while. I quickly discovered that the game was MUCH easier on PD’s site as there weren’t the gift restrictions and it wasn’t a problem being friends with strangers there (unlike Facebook).

    Somehow, I’m not surprised by this. Playdom is not a well run company. Avengers Alliance has tons of bugs and some of them take weeks or months to fix, if they bother to fix them at all. The only bugs guaranteed to be fixed are ones that go in the player’s favor.

  • Nat baker jr

    It’s a sad day when your favorite Online game will shutdown cause of money, but one day people will rise up to take revenge on the Corporation that is owning this Playdom account and MAA. But the good news is that I will open up a new fb account and will continue to play until I have no more need of the online game or I will get married one day

  • Xndo

    The problem with this type of development is that if die hard MAA players will need to create a Facebook account, friend people they don’t even know as you have to share on FB to get most of the prizes anyways. It takes longer, everyone would have to start over, and for most people like me that have been playing for 2 years and grinding missions to get what’s needed to get the hero’s, maybe spending a little money here and there to get some of the other stuff. They didn’t reach out to their customer base, they didn’t put up discussions on problems at hand, they didn’t combat all the hacks much, they haven’t put a lot of thought into the game in awhile anyways. I’m sure they decided to pull the plug a long time ago, just waiting for the bomb to drop for the right time. The content on playdom’s site hasn’t been changed in almost 2 months, which gave a good indication that something was going on. Personally i would bother getting on the FB version after this. They will not transfer anything to any parts that they still have open, they have no plans on doing this as of today, and i doubt they will even concede to this fact and allow it to change. They kept their databases separate for a reason instead of joining them together.

    • Xndo

      and the typo of the day is “wouldn’t”. “Personally i WOULDN’T bother getting on the FB version after this”

      Had to fix my typo

      • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

        I couldnt agree more, if you could I would have sued them a long time ago, and I totally agree with your statements 🙂

  • genealogymaster

    I intend never to play another Playdumb game ever, they have a lot of disrespect for the gamers.

  • PunyGod

    The way they treat their costumers Disgust me!
    I will never touch their product again…EVER !

  • Moonstone

    How can you have confidence in a company if they keep closing games after they know people have invested time and money into their product? Why start playing a new game when you know that it will end? If I had known it was only going to last 2 years I would never have bothered with MAA.

  • Robby Patterson

    I started on FB then started playing more on Playdom because you can actually do more and it’s more social than the so called social network. I give it one more or two special operations for the Captain America movie and Guardian of the Galaxy then it’s goodbye for FB too because most people said they don’t want to start all over on FB. The phone version is way behind and isn’t that fun to play. They need to find a way to transfer accounts real soon or compensate people gold.

  • thatguy

    I play the FB version but doesnt mean I dont see what a big screw over they did. It will be something I think about anytime anything offered by playdoh or diznee interactive comes up and avoid it like it was plagued.

  • The Rising Tide

    Wait wait, does this mean avengers alliance on ios devices like the iphone are affected too?

    • XpertAssassin13


    • Darthjerry

      Yes it is spend no more $ I just got an email from customer support

  • howard

    read the terms of service – you only have the right to use virtual sstuff, players never owned anything

  • bellahyae

    i spent money on playdom and it hurts because you cannot keep your items. if you pay for something then it is a law that you can keep it . they should make an offline version for this and others games so people can keep what they paid for.

  • hellboy

    after playing for 2 years, maybe taking another 2 years to get where i am at on pd version. what is to say pd dont shut the fb version down soon too

  • XpertAssassin13

    Facebook version can’t last long… No bother wasting hundreds of hours again to re-unlock everything on there. You can only get 50 gifts a day on there while on PD you could get 200 gifts PER HOUR. I’m sad and angry right now. At least it was fun while it lasted. I’m gonna miss the teams and chat on the side… Good to know they are going to be making more engaging games now though! *rolls eyes*

  • Lee

    Facebook version is safe for now….I play on there. Love it. It’s very engaging. I don’t know what their problem is.

    • Ward

      Problem is FB version sux and we need to start all over again with tons of locked and expired goods.

      • bellahyae

        and that people paid alot of money to play because many items need gold. :(:(:(

    • XpertAssassin13

      There’s not enough energy to spend on facebook. The 50 per day goes extremely quickly. It would take MUCH longer to unlock everything again and most just don’t want to start over. Not to mention the limited edition things that can’t be unlocked anymore (expired lockbox heroes for example).

  • Matt G

    Wish I hadn’t spent literally hundreds of dollars getting all the heroes and building them up. What a waste by them not offering at least something to compensate me back. Well, I guess I could have spent that much in a casino somewhere too……….

    • bellahyae

      yes but then you would have at least gotten some money back.

      • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

        yeah, its lame that they basicly take a dump in the hands of all their loyal customers, and tells us its delicious cake, I spent litterally more than 1225 bucks on this game in the course of many, many months, but do I get anything in return, yes, a big steaming pile of…. :/

  • Pat

    Playdom in general is a company started by kids. GlassDoor gives them a horrible rating. Complaint after complaint by employees, of mismanagement, no communication, office politics stuff you generally don’t hear about at other companies, but is fully believable because you hear the same complaints by the customers.

    The FB version is A. Different, B.Inferior, C. not friendly to long play! You cannot get enough energy to play very long, period. A game a practiced gamer can only play 10-15 minutes a day? You might as well take Playdom’s business and lower the casket and start shoveling it’s dead on arrival.

    • All true. But I think that’s part of Bugdom’s strategy. While all games want you to pay for premium stuff, Bugdom’s strategy is to gear the game so that you feel compelled to buy to do anything (vs. just wanting to buy). They get away with it to a degree because a lot of folks like playing with Marvel superheroes.

  • Jack

    Man I’m lucky I had the facebook version. This is just terrible business strategy though.

    Starting out the letter with “Dear Friends” and “As a valued player” is just extra salt on the wound. What a crock of s***

    • bellahyae

      please dont swear. i know it is very unfair but it’s better to speak in a way which does not harm the people looking at what you have said. thank you

      • Howard

        how the hell does that harm you you stupid jerkoff

  • Playfag

    Screw Playdom & Disney and other money hungry companies like them, i was playing Pirates of the Caribbean on playdom and we recieved the same message. There were many people who paid real money for in game coins. I don’t know where their HQ are located at but people should go outside and protest to refund their money at least. Many people made huge investments in it. They can’t do this!
    I wouldn’t have a problem of serving a jail time for these developers. I vote to return us our money or set their building on fire. They can’t stop hordes of people, am i right?

    • I played this game since day one on Facebook and I payed money because I enjoy it. What happened on Playdom made me feel sad cause I felt like If I was playing on Playdom I would rage and be really disappointed. I don’t feel lucky for playing on Facebook. I feel bad and very sorry for thousands of players playing on Playdom.

    • kuzronk

      I understand if un popular games go offline but this clearly had players/disney has enough to keep it online for ever.

      • It was easier to not pay on the Playdom site than the Facebook site. On Playdom, one always had way more energy tokens (or whatever they are called) than they needed. I had around 5000 10-point recharge tokens, to say nothing of the other increment tokens. During Special Ops missions, I always had tons of ISO. Thanks to the tournaments, it was easier to get gold and CP. As such, I never had to pay a dime, yet I was able to constantly get CP (from mining missions or tournaments) so that I could keep getting new heroes.

        On Facebook, the only reason I have 500 10-point energy recharge tokens is that I quit playing for a long while, but I continued to log in daily to help a couple of friends of mine by sending them gifts and receiving the 50 gift limit from them. Under normal playing conditions, it is difficult to play for long without paying Bugdom for more energy. That means that playing for free, it takes a much longer time to get the CP needed to get new heroes.

        I figure that Bugdom was paying for a separate license for their own site’s version of the game, and their own site wasn’t generating the revenue that Facebook was. So they cut their losses and drop an expensive license in the process.