EE network outage today, signal problems

- Mar 19, 2014

We have been getting reports of an EE network outage today, which comes after Product Reviews readers explain they have iPad Air 4G signal problems and cannot find the network on their smartphone as well. After this news arrived to us by email, we checked Twitter and can see a lot of tweets detailing EE network problems with no signal on both tablet and phone.

One Product Reviews reader explained, “I’m not getting any EE signal on my iPad Air, or my phone. It went down in the last 30 minutes”. Another added, “There’s no signal in south east and north London on my iPhone or iPad”.


You will also notice that the official Everything Everywhere online shop and support website are down. We just visited the site and took a screenshot of what we saw, as you see below there’s a site under maintenance message. This means that not only are phones getting no signal along with iPads running on EE, but also the online website is experiencing an outage.


Do you have EE signal problems on your 4G tablet or smartphone? If so, what UK location are you in and how long have you had no signal or other issues?

We will keep Product Reviews readers updated on any possible fix, so feel free to leave any information you have in the comments below. The issue with the website might be due to too many people looking on for an announcement, so this could be driving the website offline.

Update: It looks like a fix has been implemented and the official Twitter channel just explained, “While not all of our customers were affected, service has been resumed for many of those who were. Full service will be resumed soon”.

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  • pipi cully

    I have no text and talk today 14th October 2014

  • Martine Kelly Lamerton

    I have “No Service” today 23rd July 2014

  • Barb

    no network coverage for 2 days here also. Newport Pembs 26 April 14

  • Bev

    No Network coverage on my mobile for 2 days.Ammanford .Carms 26/4/14

  • Liz

    No signal on my phone in Tredegar, Gwent……again today 22/03/2014
    Why Not EE
    Do something for crying out loud.

  • Rusty

    no 4g, 3g or 2g in Derby still……… fuming

  • Narley

    Lost signal around 7pm in Ipswich. Went normal around 3am. Not good EE!!!!!!!

  • Jacqui

    No signal since 7pm last night in Southampton, this seems to be across the country not just in London, when are EE going to sort it out, they had better compensate people, if bill not paid then they very quick to disconnect you

  • Mark

    Can use Facebook … But no signal since last nite what’s goin on !!!!!!

  • Chell E Fakes

    Still nothing ???? Never known a failure so long . !!! When please

  • Mandy

    I have had no signal since 7ish last nite! I need my phone n waiting for an important call today! It better b working soon!!

  • cjk

    Oi cowboys. Where’s the signal. This is a joke now. Compensation better be offered or i’m off

  • martyn

    No signal since half 5 , I’m expecting an urgent call in the morning if I don’t get this call I will be reporting you to trading standards for breach if contract .

  • marie


  • Sean Ragout

    Am in north London my Sony Experia showing no service still!!

  • LisaH

    Still no signal none since 5.30pm in leicestershire

  • smiler

    No signal in Nottinghamshire since 1700 ish. Hurry up and get it sorted EE

  • danny

    hi there from since ive join EE from since January 29th ive had nothing but trouble no signal now its not working all together message saying NOT registered on network its now 1;30am thurday morning and there is no signal from since 1700 hours EE is the worst network since ive had mobile over 25 years 02 or voda network is the best and EE is at the bottom of all networks rubbish am from nw London

  • Elledag

    No signal always helpful when your dad’s taken to hospital in an ambulance it’s now 1:15am still no signal appalling no info on EE website

  • David Salter

    Still no signal 1.08 North London

  • David Salter

    So no news on wots happing going to have to go to work 3 hrs early so can get some work done thank u ee for a full expanation on what going on and maybe while I’m at work I might look for a network that works it can’t be that hard can IT ………………………………….

  • pat

    I’ve had no signal since 6.45pm and still don;t have signal now at 1am !

  • kay

    i’ve had no signal since 6.45pm in coventry & i’m self employed…great!!!

  • Jake

    This is absolutely pathetic had no signal on EE since 6pm and still not working now

  • roy

    Thank goodness I have a Vodafone network as well otherwise I would not be able to work. My ee iphone has been down from 7pm and is still down. I’ve been to Heathrow and now in park lane London. Hopefully they will sort this out soon


    Had no signal in Manchester since around 7pm

  • memzee

    I want compensation!!! 😡😡or im leaving

  • KAL115S

    I’ve had no signal since 6pm in Manchester. Out of all those days it had to happen on the day I was expecting a very important call. 12.30am still no signal.

  • memzee

    how wil we be comensated for this mess up

  • neil

    No signal since 6ish in Chesterfield. That is all

  • Andy

    Chill out. These things happen. I want compensation, I’m going to leave. Grow up. Can you really not cope for a few hours? 15 years ago, not many of us even had a mobile.

    • Mel Watkins

      Wen u need ur fone 2 b on call 4 work, cull out isn’t an option! This cud affect peoples lives!!!!

      • Daniel Comer

        here here!

        • Mel Watkins

          How can I b on call! I work in the health care sector n can’t b contacted!!!!

    • Daniel Comer

      for those who have to cover out of hours business no its not very helpful when the basic function of the phone isn’t available.

    • Andy

      Writing 6 or 7 comments on here ain’t gonna change anything. It’s a bad company who relies 100% on a mobile phone working and has given no thought to a contingency.

  • David Salter

    Joke no info

  • Mel Watkins

    No service for hours!! If we didn’t pay we’d b cut off!!!!! It’s a disgrace!

  • JC

    Here’s a thought; first a missing plane and now a missing network – conspiracy theories abound! 😉

    • David Salter

      Now I’m worried lol?

  • tiffany

    No signal in Northamptonshire since 6.30pm. Not happy at all. Any compensation from ee………..unlikely me thinks

  • dave

    Not happy with not having a phone gonna leave ee

  • David Salter

    Still on connection still no excuse this is not a service we sign up for
    no customer service full stop please let us know what is happing or is it that bad u don’t know

  • Gemma Marie Conroy

    Mine has been gone for 6hrs, this is not amusing, I am on call tomorrow and won’t be able to leave the house if this is not resolved!! Sort it EE or I want compensation!!! 😡😡

    • Gemma Marie Conroy

      In the north east as well

      • Gemma Marie Conroy

        This better be sorted when I wake up!!

  • JC

    Central London, prime time and nothing for hours. Properly properly annoyed….

  • Deanna Hall

    No signal in barnet and harrow from 17:52 to be exact!
    But had problems all day yesterday with texts taking forever to be received. Not good enough really….

  • Martin

    In Camden London-two ‘phones-one with signal, one without since around 7 pm. Not good at all

  • John F

    I lost my EE phone network here in the North East, noticed it about half an hour ago ( 11.45 ) and still off now!

  • Lizzy

    No signal in Clapham SW11 since 2000hrs & can’t believe it’s due to too many people looking on the ee website for an announcement as mentioned above?!

  • Saxwoo

    No service since 18:30 in Bristol.

  • dominic power

    I lost signal sometime between 1615 and 1700. Still have no home phone, no mobile, no texts and no internet. Using wifi hot spot. Not 0010 so outage 8 hours. Was in Wirral now birmingham so big network issues.

  • John

    I have no network on my samsung galaxy note 3 since after 17:30 hr yesterday until now. I am in Norwich.

  • PB

    Noticed an hour ago that there was no signal in Cheltenham.

  • Shauna Ralph

    Lost service at 6pm, I’m in Ayrshire. Absolutely appalling!

  • carrie_kb

    EE has been Nothing Anywhere for me in London & Milton Keynes all evening -and still is..

  • Llyr Thomas-James

    Evening, I’m in Cardiff and have had no signal since 18.00 this evening. I’ve just switched my phone back on, and still there’s no signal. I’ve also been to the myee website and it’s saying the sever is not responding.

  • faf

    Not had any coverage since about 6 pm today only emergency calls allowed and my partner is in hospital and no way to contact him other than my mobile. He will have no idea why im not responding to him. This is outrageous service from ee with no email to customers on wjy or when it will be sorted.