South Park Stick of Truth 2 possible

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

It’s clear that a lot of you are absolutely loving South Park: The Stick of Truth. If there was one complaint about the game though it is obviously the fact that it is only available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms, with the demand to see South Park Stick of Truth PS4 and Xbox One versions increasing by the day.

This week, we have some very positive news to share with you regarding the possibility of not a port happening, but a brand new South Park Stick of Truth 2 game altogether.

The reviews have gone on to surprise a lot of gamers and critics alike and we all know that this success can breed greater things and if the demand continues – a sequel surely has to happen.

Matt Stone was speaking to IGN recently, a site that gave South Park The Stick of Truth an impressive 9/10. When talking about the subject of a sequel, he had this to say which should please a lot of fans out there:

“We’ll see how it is received. Never say never. I would do it again, in some fashion. I think that video games are really interesting.”

Obviously there is not much to go on there, but never say never is the key. If South Park The Stick of Truth continues to sell through the roof, we think it is only a matter of time before we see PS4 and Xbox One ports, as well as a sequel sometime in the future.

Just head to the Stick of Truth page on Metacritic and read some of the user reviews that gamers are leaving. Most have expressed their surprise on how good the game actually is, with many admitting that they didn’t think it would leave the impression that it has.

With Stick of Truth PS4 and Xbox One ports surely on the way at some point, should Ubisoft already be thinking of a sequel? If you have been enjoying the game, let us know your thoughts on potential ideas for the next game.

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  • Germaine Specht

    Take your damn time. Don’t do the same mistake that every game developer does.

  • ponfaros

    Ok. So I am digging this idea. Not only do I love this South Park game as much as I did the mass effect series (10/10 in my books of course with a few comments for 3) but I cannot wait for and am completely facing a dilema. Their are a lot of games coming out between now and the stick of truth 2, if it even gets off the ground, but are any of them going to have the rudeness, the cleverness and the all together audacity of South Park and their amazing cast of warped characters? I say bring it on. Add a dash of Satan, have more buddies, like Terrance and Phillip, make man bear pig and the imagination world play into it and finally, a coon adventure must surely be in the books. Let’s see if we can raise Cthulu and the Lord of darkness together. As a couple… … let yourself go with that one. I say yes. Do it and do it in true f**king fashion.