PS4 1.62 update features disappoint

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

It’s great to see that Sony are keeping up with their promises on improving the PS4 interface at a frequent pace. We can confirm that just moments ago, the PS4 1.62 update has gone live and is available to download right now.

We can also tell you that the update is 336MB in size, so it shouldn’t take long for you to download and install either. Unfortunately, Sony has only said that the PS4 1.62 update notes include improvements to system stability – but obviously we are hoping that there will be some PS4 1.62 hidden features thrown in as well.

We told you here that we wanted to see a native YouTube app with the PS4 1.62 firmware, but it looks like Sony are still unable to meet this demand – there is however a workaround which we also told you about here.

While it’s nice to see Sony on the ball, it would have been nice to have at least one new PS4 feature to use with 1.62. Fans would have had enough of security updates when using the PS3, so we do hope that Sony are planning to drop some actual new functionality soon.

No new features to enjoy with 1.62 sadly.

No new features to enjoy with 1.62 sadly.

As far as we’re aware, the 1.62 update is a minor update that includes stability fixes and nothing else. Let us know if you have spotted anything else after installation and whether you agree that some small new features would have been nice too.

We are also saying our prayers on some new PS4 apps to come with the next update too – what about you?

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  • Not every update needs to bring a bell or whistle. Sony has been knocking it out of the park so just because they have a “normal” update to fix bugs shouldn’t disappoint people. It means they’re not ignoring the core stability of the system. There will be many new features that they will release this year. Playstation Now, VR Headsets released by end of year, Background customization, DNLA, the new Playstation Home, among other great new surprises that aren’t even rumored yet…

  • Yeah. I’m that guy.

    Sony is. Not sony are.

    • Dude1

      …uh..ok professor. You ARE that guy.

  • OurDigital Heros

    One thing I we were hoping for was for the HDCP to go away. I hate having to buy more equipment just to capture gameplay….-Sarge

  • ihavetopickastupidname

    Don’t care about the Youtube app, when will they make Youtube an option for sharing along with or instead of Facebook. Also, why haven’t they added more BT profiles to use with the system?

  • JulianF

    Also, the light bar should be pulsing white at startup, then go to blue as it is turned on. AND IT SHOULD STAY THERE INSTEAD OF THAT SHITTY WHITE LIGHT!!!

    • Tannis Armaroah

      That blue light looks sick as hell. Reminds me of my childhood PS2 days. (never bought a PS3) Wish it would just stay blue.

  • JulianF

    Having the ability to get notifications from people going off/online, pausing downloads, YouTube app and actually saving recordings to transfer them to a PC would be the dream! These things are actually what I would consider normal for a console, especially pausing and the off/online thing!

  • Cory

    Really wished it would show when people got on and off of your friends list

  • bernstein

    they should put a pause download menu on ps4 system with this update!!!!!
    i am quite disappoint with this 1.62 update with nothing new…

  • kidtwist

    i would be pretty happy with DLNA support

  • Red_Bum

    If you go to the offical Playstation Update site. It say this for the 1.62v.

    New for 1.62: “Image quality for some applications has been improved…”

  • Danny

    I’ve noticed a better frame rate on Fifa 14 which is all I play at the moment, it’s butter smooth for me right now where as it used to slow down a lot before. Very happy with that 🙂

  • mokalovesoulmate

    Stability improvements are more important than features. It means most gamers could get less software crashes. Feature can be later.

  • I don’t understand the disappointment. Did Sony say that this update was going to add new features and it didn’t? If not, then it seems that being upset is kinda pointless. And being mad that the update didn’t bring with it a YouTube app is flat out funny – it’s just an app; they wouldn’t need to update the firmware to do that.

  • Jelco5

    Update 1.62 is not installing on my console. After the download was complete the notification reads “preparing for install” but thats it…..nothing happening, no install. I have turned the console off and on again but still got the same message. Anyone else got the same ?

    • MUFC

      Go to settings and then system software update

      • Dan Vincent

        You can also just select preparing to download message and it will go from there.

    • Eric

      For me it said “preparing for install for about 5 min. Then it said. “Ready to Install” If you click on the message after that then it actually does the install. Hopefully you didn’t disrupt the process it was doing to prepare the install. Install took only a couple of minutes after activation.

  • Richard

    Would be nice to get 3D Blu-Ray as well – I know it’s not a deal breaker but considering it was available on PS3 it is a step back.

    • flyinb11

      Considering that my ps3 died this weekend, I would agree.

  • Dan Vincent

    As long as it lets me play infamous on Friday I’m good.

    • Gav

      Lol im with u on that m8

  • Michael

    what the could have done:
    External media support for video and audio playback from USB
    DLNA media server support
    Improved DVD upscaling and interlacing support
    Improved the infuriating time it takes for the thing to turn off (seriously, i hit the power button, don’t blink your white light at me, it’s 2014 there has to be an alternative to pulling the plug)

    And these are just the thing it would need to catch up to the PS3

  • Omar Feliciano

    Very disappointed with this update. :-