PS4 1.62 update features disappoint

It’s great to see that Sony are keeping up with their promises on improving the PS4 interface at a frequent pace. We can confirm that just moments ago, the PS4 1.62 update has gone live and is available to download right now.

We can also tell you that the update is 336MB in size, so it shouldn’t take long for you to download and install either. Unfortunately, Sony has only said that the PS4 1.62 update notes include improvements to system stability – but obviously we are hoping that there will be some PS4 1.62 hidden features thrown in as well.

We told you here that we wanted to see a native YouTube app with the PS4 1.62 firmware, but it looks like Sony are still unable to meet this demand – there is however a workaround which we also told you about here.

While it’s nice to see Sony on the ball, it would have been nice to have at least one new PS4 feature to use with 1.62. Fans would have had enough of security updates when using the PS3, so we do hope that Sony are planning to drop some actual new functionality soon.

No new features to enjoy with 1.62 sadly.
No new features to enjoy with 1.62 sadly.

As far as we’re aware, the 1.62 update is a minor update that includes stability fixes and nothing else. Let us know if you have spotted anything else after installation and whether you agree that some small new features would have been nice too.

We are also saying our prayers on some new PS4 apps to come with the next update too – what about you?



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