Nexus 10 pain may lead to Nexus 8.9 joy

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

Most consumers are still angry about the lack of information regarding a Nexus 10 release date in 2014. We touched upon this in a previous article here, but now we hear even more rumors on a potential reason why Google may be keeping silent on the matter.

As most of you are well aware, the mythical Nexus 10 was originally supposed to ship during the 2013 Holiday season. It obviously didn’t happen though and Google didn’t release a public statement on the matter either.

CES 2014 and MWC 2014 both passed too without any hint whatsoever that Google were finally ready to announce their 2014 Nexus lineup. Frustrations are still running high because of this, but now we have something else for you to possibly contend with.

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting that Google may scrap the Nexus 10 2014 tablet all together, in favor of instead releasing a Nexus 8.9 inch tablet. We have heard many rumors about a Nexus 8 coming at some point this year, but this is the first wave of whispers regarding a slightly larger 8.9-inch model.

What's next for the Nexus rumors?

What’s next for the Nexus rumors?

Perhaps even more interesting, is the fact that this latest Nexus 8.9 rumor has come from the hit and miss Digitimes, who are now going on record to say that a Nexus 8.9 tablet is on the way.

While many consumers would welcome Google’s move to expand on their Nexus range with large displays, we probably speak for a lot of you in saying that it should still not come at the expense of the Nexus 10.

The last we heard on the tablet from our own sources was that it was a finished product and ready for release, but would Google just stop production all of a sudden just to launch a Nexus 8.9 instead?

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a lot more information on this elusive Nexus 8.9 as at the moment, details are obviously very thin. Presuming that it is in the pipeline though, give us your reaction to the 8.9-inch size and whether you would prefer it instead of a Nexus 10 or not.

Would Google be making a bad decision by cancelling the Nexus 10 in 2014?

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  • at78rpm

    I hope they continue with the 10 if only to be given hope that Google will still provide updates. Then maybe one day I can go 8 hours with no programs crashing.

  • Old Balls

    The current nexus 10 is still an awesome product. If I wanted something better I’d get a laptop

  • forerunner66

    I think that they both should be offered, that way they can make everyone happy, but I personally want an 8 inch tablet

  • Nexus 10 lover

    I like my nexus 10 but a few things were disappointing. First, Google doesn’t sell its own pogo charger or pogo dock for this device. Second, we in Canada do not have access to Google music manager and therefore the 20,000 song storage promised on the info sheet when I purchased my tablet. Having said that, I hope Google will continue with nexus 10 as it is a good product, very responsive, great graphics, camera, etc