Hearthstone iPad release date hype

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

Hearthstone has been gaining popularity ever since its beta launch and now attention has shifted to when Blizzard will deliver on their promised Hearthstone for iPad, Android and iPhone release.

This week, we have moved one step closer to seeing the Hearthstone iPad release date, as the developer has been showing off the stunning iPad version over in China at a special event labelled the CN Hearthstone conference.

As a result, we now have some clear Hearthstone iPad gameplay for you to enjoy as well as confirmation that the iPad version will also be on show at the upcoming Pax East 2014 expo, which kicks off on April 11th and will run until April 13th.

As you can see from some of the social media feedback on the iPad version, the mobile hype has really gone through the roof in recent weeks. Many consumers believe that Hearthstone for iPad is a seamless and perfect fit and it’s great to see Blizzard reflect this by prioritizing iPad before iPhone and Android.

You can see for yourself by checking out the touch input in the clip below. Everything looks stunning and it can’t be long until we see the iPad version out since Blizzard has also revealed that a launch will happen ‘within weeks’ as they move closer to completion.

How pumped up are you for the Hearthstone iPad release date? Will you happily drop money on Hearthstone content if the iPad version is as good as it looks so far?

We’ve also seen some users who will even go as far as to buy a new iPad, just so that they can play Hearthstone whilst on the move.

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  • Um

    Actually this looks like a pc version remotely controlled by teamviewer or splashtop. Also blizzard would never juist show of something in Chinese before showing at least à hint of the release on the US and EU battlenet.

    I call fake