GTA V DLC combining alien and zombies

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

Are you bracing yourself for the impending GTA V DLC expansion that Rockstar is surely going to unleash soon? It has been over seven months since the game launched, but we are yet to see the first paid DLC content for the game.

To their credit, Rockstar has instead been keeping gamers occupied with a series of smaller DLC packs, all of which are free to download. GTA V Heists may be top of the agenda right now for most fans, but we have a feeling that this first DLC expansion is going to be well worth the wait – after all Rockstar has been working on it for over half a year.

Earlier this month, we gave you some insight as to what the DLC could entail. GTA V publishers Take-Two recently trademarked something known as ‘Hangar 13’ and we immediately took the opportunity to speculate on whether this could be related to some GTA V involving aliens.

It’s no secret that there is unfinished business with extra terrestrial activity in Los Santos, with most of you hungry for more after exploring and seemingly finishing the Mount Chiliad mystery side quest in GTA V.

However, we also saw feedback from many of you who would instead prefer to see a GTA V zombies DLC expansion instead – despite the fact that Rockstar already offers this with Red Dead Redemption and considering that the zombie theme has been overdone to death by many developers in the industry.

The truth is still out there..

The truth is still out there..

Can you honestly say you would prefer to see a GTA V ‘Undead Nightmare’ DLC, as opposed to Rockstar trying out something fresh with a GTA V alien invasion? Don’t forget that Rockstar doesn’t need to look far for inspiration if they do decide to go down the aliens route.

Open world aliens has been tried and tested with Saints Row 4, so if you enjoyed playing that game you would probably love to see Rockstar have a go at providing aliens content as well.

We also need to tell you about one excellent suggestion left by a Product Reviews reader who would actually prefer Rockstar to include a combination of both aliens and zombies for the first GTA V DLC expansion. While this obviously sounds the most farfetched idea out of the three, there’s no doubt that it would serve as something quite amazing for fans who can’t get enough of the likes of Call of Duty Extinction and Black Ops Zombies modes.

How Rockstar could make it work: If you think about it, a rather brilliant and workable way for Rockstar to go down this route, ie combining aliens and zombies, could be by having aliens infect humans with a virus that turns us into zombies.

We’re sure there are plenty of other scenarios that could work too, which we will leave for you to tell us in the comment section below as we’re sure you have plenty to say on this.

As we countdown towards the first DLC, give us your thoughts on how you think Rockstar will play it. Would you support the idea of combining aliens and zombies into a single DLC expansion, or would you prefer to see one or the other?

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  • Name

    Whoever wrote this totally read my youtube comment….it’s the same exact sentence

  • Leslie Kriska

    Gta aliens almost makes me think district 13. Gritty and bad ass.

  • jason1000


  • Saints2025

    I think they could probably do 2 sepret dlcs but if I had to choose zambies
    I meant there to be an a

  • Frank Ouwerkerk

    I definitely sign any petition for a GTA V: Zombie DLC anyday.

  • Ben Tait

    I think it would be awesome if they did it in gta v were they do a half zombies dlc and half alien like in gta iv they did ballad of gay tony and the lost and dammed

  • yr mum


  • helgemou

    As per usual this is complete BS and only rumors 🙁

  • reece

    Zombies sounds awesome i wonder if u just kill kill and kill or if rockstar will make it more of a survival game? i proffer the second idea

  • leld

    that would be so awesome cuz gta 5 so booring right now

  • Kari svan

    I would rather see zombies in one pack and alien in another!

  • buzzeye1010

    I think it would be crazy if you could do an 18 player gamemode dog fight with jets against alien UFOs or being able to fly a UFO, moving 20x faster than the jet that would be awesome. i always wanted them to do a zombies DLC for gtaV online, red deads online zombie mode just got boring, zombie online free roam mode would have been better. Aliens would be just as cool however, but i got my hopes up for a little more before the game (thanks to youtube) so im just going to wait for information and not speculate on this one, to much.

  • Munky

    No zombies. Please. I want a full blown old school Alien Invasion. Something like Independence Day mixed with The World’s End.

  • andy

    I would like to see a fraking DLC
    a fraking accident opens up the San Andreas fault and destroys the map.

  • UTlkSh1t


    • UTlkSh1t

      though seriously, i didn’t buy GTA V too kill and run away from zombies, i’d like to see Aliens, (maybe Predator style aliens???) Would like to see a few more properties, business opportunities and misc. ways to spend money (what about a racetrack, you pay to race/enter cup or championship against ai?). It’s kinda boring running around LS with 1.9 billion dollars, after completing game lol what you think?

  • stupidrockstar

    Wtf….are you serious….who the hell cares. …where our heist dlc

  • wolfy

    maybe hanger 13 is in the army base and is hiding a UFO…..

  • Aaaaaaaand another GTAO article with a misleading headline. Seriously, what gives?

    • NgTurbo

      What were you expecting from the headline? We made it clear in the article that we were simply putting ideas together..

  • dirty hands all the time

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    • dirty hands all the time

      Pissed not passed

  • hugedbag

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  • joshey loves his pc

    Ahhh all I want to do is learn how to play grand theft auto

  • I prey on joshey

    Yo yo yo imma bout to fork some shizz up…joshey you want a cheese curl shoved up yo port hole

  • Joshey loves his pc

    Hey I’m here to learn about some gta 5

  • sexygrandmother69

    Im as wet as a horny she goat in a swimming pool filled with oj mofo

  • Scottbrown4realz

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  • Teabaggerpro

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  • Yogabbagabba357

    Poop I’d love to loose my virginity to you

  • poop

    I say neither

    • poop

      It would ruin the game… well aliens wouldn’t but zombies would

      • renaldo

        Hey man your a genius

        • John C.

          You really know what your talking about…why are you in charge of rock star

    • quinton1287

      I love charzard

  • gameman6302

    I pick both it be changed one game got aliens zombies that really good

  • gameman6302

    Let tell something going make cj dlc because cj house have like kind door you can walk like franking ants house if want go look for you self

    • gameman6302

      Walk in

  • Nathan Stegner

    Aliens are boring(xenomorphs excluded), give me zombies. Think it would be awesome to try and scavage ammo and all kinds of other items for food, protection, crafting, etc. Plus it will FINALLY give us a reason to use our melee weapons. Taking out a chopper on limited fuel to try and find survivors only to crash and have to find a working car to get back to your base all the while trying to kill or hide from a 50+ horde of roaming zombies that book after you ’28 Days Later’ or ‘Left 4 Dead’ style. And that’s just the zombies. Start mixing in some of those backwards creeps and survivalists from Blane county(a governor character perhaps)and you’ve got fast paced, dark excitement. Sure, it’s been done to death but since we only get a new GTA every five years, I say do it now, do it huge and do it right!

    • dudeman

      please refer to ‘Dead Rising 3’ for all of your zombie open world needs, people.


    Zombies and aliens!!! but also add that we can own more than one apartment and in the zombie + aliens put that houses are on fire and every pedestrian are zombies except the ammunition man and the store man and also add two cars that are built for the zombie apocalypse like with guns and armor and blood and covered up windows and big wheels and a bumper in front made to hit and kill zombies!!! That would be so awesome please but the zombies and aliens expansion dlc!!!!

    • gameman6302

      That good idea


        Thanks i really hope rockstar sees this

  • dudeman

    ZOMBIES ARE WAY OVER DONE. ALIEN INVASION NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Think ‘Independence Day’ meets GTA. I’m talking huge alien ships on the horizon while their fighters violently zip through the air battling jets and everything else. it’ll be an awesome opportunity to incorporate interesting alien weaponry to take advantage of. the main point here is formidable opponents. ZOMBIES -which are no doubt, near and dear to my heart- have been done -very well on RDRUN- and hardly require any battle strategy besides spraying your ammo and reaching high ground. look, the game has already done a fabulously creepy job at hinting at an alien mystery that I feel it now needs to deliver on.

  • Guest

    Zombies…. Aliens.. Werewolves, Vampires… C’mon now. **Heists or GTFO**. Saints Row was picked up for the zombies and aliens and sheer crazyness. We(me and other like minded players) want to rob casino’s and jewlery stores and banks with our friends!! We want to own more then apt or own a mansion that can hold 12 cars and that might have a heli-pad in the back yard. We also should be able to hook up our friends with some dough whenever we want.. “Owe you need a quick 5k for that vehicle or gun or house?? here ya go”.. Stocks online?? A race mode that makes the race about the car and driver disabling players from running each other off the road.

    • Guest

      Own more then one* apt…

      Oh* you need a quick

  • Dowlan

    Id plays saints row if I wanted aliens and zombies

  • Ignusim

    Zombies and aliens are so… Passé. . Neither would appeal to me, personally. Maybe a darker theme? If we’re going fantasy/scifi, why not vampires and werewolves? Just as suitable if Zombies or aliens are the suggested ideas for a dlc pack.

  • Adam Coburn


  • Wesley Gearhart

    Stupid! We want heists, kill all that fake garbage… there’s still SOOO many things that need attention in GTA online I don’t see how this is more important.

  • Jesus Madera

    I rather have Rockstar do an aline expansion because so many games have zombies like all the black oops and not ghost which has aliens it’s cool and everything but the undead features are over done and there to much out there so just stick with the alien invasion

    • Nathan Stegner

      WOW! Your grammar SUCKS BALLS!!!!! Put down the controller and pick up a text book.

  • Five Finger Leaf

    Zombies all the way. Don’t care about aliens at all. With the alien side dream already in the game, I personally felt the aliens were underwhelming. they’ll probably use the models they already have, with that crappy beam gun. Don’t care, Don’t care. With zombies I see a possibility of bringing back some amazing weapons like the chainsaw and flamethrower. Sure, with aliens you may get to finally drive a UFO, in a world mostly empty, with little to no real air combat. I’m sure it would be fun either way, but I’d rather zombies. I’ll buy the alien dlc maybe…..when it’s on sale……maybe. Zombies, oh yeah I’ll pay in full.

  • Pu_pu_pleeeease

    I want to see Niko Bellic and CJ make a return. Also the Ballers an Gang Wars/Turf Wars from Sanandreas. Also the option for full snow on offline mode.

    • Wesley Gearhart

      couldn’t have said it better myself

    • クリス ガズマン

      Good to see some people still have that sense of conservation.
      Gta saga can be considered as a masterpiece in videogame industry due to its complex development.
      Do not turn it into saints row. So true

    • Miko Kelley

      I agree that it shouldn’t be like Saints Row… But let’s be honest here .. RDR had a great zombie DLC and in the Gta World it could be better than Day z

  • Guest

    When do you think think it will be released

  • baron

    Doesn’t make a whole bunch of since wat are they gonna say the character is tripping the whole time. Hanger 13 could also refer to the airport after all Micheal and franks hangers are called hanger 18 and 17

  • BQKnuckles

    I wanna see Michael and Trevors past lives robbing banks. I don’t think there going to do zombies or aliens, Rockstar makes Gta pretty realistic in reality.

  • baron

    How are they going to do zombies or aliens gta has always been off the wall/funny, but realisic even in the side quest where there’s aliens or something impossible happening there’s always some kind of explaibation. Like the 1 weed activist side mission, Micheal is tripping from the weed

  • Tom

    Call of duty sucks so I don’t understand why they mentioned that crap hole of a

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Alien mask and alien weapon bring a wooden bat

  • RyDaScotchDrinker

    I want to be a pimp…. I want to have hoes, I want to build a hoe empire….. I want to pimp those bitches out after different price point categories……

  • Miko Kelley

    Zombies please .. imagine riding down los santos in a patriot with barbed wire mods on the sides to prevent zombies pulling u out .. limited supplies .. team work and survival l.. stealing supplies and ammo from other crews .. idgaf what u guys say .. Gta has the potential to be the best zombie game ever ..

  • Lou

    Actually I have thought about the zombies when gta4 came out, aliens and zombies I’ll say gotta give it a try, it’s weird and weird is different, different is good m/

  • JimmyBoy

    Terrible concept derived from pure speculation, the whole immersion of this game will be rendered a thing of the past with the addition of zombies, or aliens, or both. This game, as of now, is the closest thing to real life gathered within a gaming world, adding supernatural elements will be a waste of time, however, sadly, it will sell.

    Here’s hoping for an extension to the story without the need for surrealism.

    • LordSlug

      Yeah GTA needs to maintain reality. That’s one thing it has over Saints Row. These things can actually happen. It is one of the realest games out.

      God i hate aliens and zombies.

      • Franklin

        I agree no zombie or aliens

    • Franklin

      I totally agree. I purposely avoid zombie games and movies. I would rather have Extend heist in single mission or extend the Trevor or Franklin story or make more property to buy online.

  • Wasteland Dan

    LoL….zombies been done to death?

    Well to me, it seems like aliens have been done even more to death….all the way back to ancient times, stories have had visitors from other worlds…movies, books, and games wise….aliens have also been very generously used as well.

    As much as I love me some aliens, i couldnt say that they havent been done to death.

    • Chocago

      id rather have a cj dlc

      • Wasteland Dan

        Thats not a bad idea….

        Me and some buddies were talking about an idea were ALL the mains from the old games come back…yes even from vice city….just old 😀

        Then they could all go on a heist together…for some reason…insert story here.


        • Chocago

          that sound killer but tommy and niko voices got issues with rockstar. but why not take your idea to mouthoff

        • LordSlug

          That sounds good ..but i don’t care much for Michael or Franklin they’re very boring ..but Trevor ? with the old guys ? would be hilarious

      • Callum

        That might happen, because a while back the person (forgot the name) who voiced CJ tweeted that he has been working on GTA 5. Only he will be in his 40s as gta5 is set in 2013, Sa was in 1992

  • airsoftelite

    Zombies all the way!!! The only other open world zombie game is dead rising 1-2 and to be honest there crap.

    • Callum


  • TonyT

    What a great idea, I would love to see an Alien Invasion DLC in GTA 5 that sees us beat the aliens only to be left with a virus turning humans into zombies that we have to again fight. Wow, I would gladly pay for that GTA 5 expansion.

  • Brian Deadmanwalkin Colby

    they can keep this kind dlc to them self i will not go for this at alll