Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release date insight

By Alan Ng - Mar 18, 2014

The wait for the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release date is almost over. Most of you have been enjoying Second Assault, but soon the action will switch to the seas as DICE prepares to offer Battlefield 4 Titan Mode fans another reason to get back into the game.

So far, DICE has only gone on record to say that Naval Strike will be available sometime in March. However, we are now beginning to hear rumors that the release date could actually be March 25, with that being the date for when Battlefield 4 Premium members can get their hands on the content before everyone else.

For those that are still unaware, the BF4 Naval Strike release date will come with a brand new mode called Carrier Assault, which is a reimagining of the popular Titan mode from Battlefield 2142. On top of that, DICE will also offer another 11 new assignments to unlock brand new weapons, as well as new vehicles such as the Amphibious Hovercraft to explore.

While the Tweet above apparently confirms the March 25 date, it is obviously not official since we haven’t heard anything from DICE or EA on the matter. We could get the official date on Wednesday though, as the teaser video included below reveals that a full Naval Strike trailer is coming on Wednesday.

Are you looking forward to Naval Strike this month? Let us know how you are getting on with Battlefield 4 online so far and any improvements that you can suggest to DICE in relation to a patch update when Naval Strike arrives.

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  • texanyooper

    Can’t wait to see what problems come with this download. I still can’t play second assault. It won’t load and when it does I spawn with no firearm…so excited to see how I wasted my money.

  • R u kidding me

    Improvements? How about fixing the sound issue when the map first starts? How about all the thousands of glitches that dice refuces to fix

    • NgTurbo

      The sound issue needs to be sorted, fully agree with you there.

    • Larry Buckets

      Yea the sound issue is pretty annoying..

  • something

    me too

  • dude

    I thought it released on the 18th

    • ‘nother dude

      same here

    • Larry Buckets

      Yea me too! That’s what a couple other websites “confirmed”

    • That guy

      That’s because they said NS will be released late March and since Premium members have access to DLC 2 weeks earlier, they assumed the late march release is for everyone, thus premium members will have access to it by 18th March. The late March release is actually for premium members.