Amazon leaks DriveClub PS4 release date

By Matt Tran - Mar 18, 2014

For those of you eagerly awaiting DriveClub PS4 release date news, Amazon appears to have leaked it. The online giant can be quite notorious for listing items and their release dates prematurely, revealing late September as the month which DriveClub will arrive.

According to reports from CVG, Amazon sent out emails notifying customers that DriveClub would be available for pre-order on PS4. Amazon has told customers that if they pre-order the title it will arrive on Friday October 3rd, the launch date for the US is reportedly earlier on Tuesday September 30th.

Sony has not commented on this news, refusing to confirm whether their racing title has been pushed back to this later date. Gamers have been in the dark for a while now over the DriveClub release date, the title was actually planned to release in 2013. Last October it was confirmed that DriveClub would be delayed until early 2014, now it looks like the game could be a whole year late.

Earlier this month Sony suggested the developers may need to go back to the drawing board with DriveClub, piling more misery on to those waiting for it. If the PS4 racing title is experiencing behind the scenes issues, it would not be unreasonable to assume early October as the new release period that we can expect.

Are you angry about the constant release delays to DriveClub on the PS4, or are you glad the developers are taking the time to fix the problems and make it better?

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  • disappointed

    if i knew i never bought ps4….now i’m thinking of selling it, and buy x1

  • Geniusithink

    Whos down for a class action lawsuit

  • Geniusithink

    Honestly this whole ps4 release should be questioned. We were all promised a racing experience from sony,the least they could do is give us a nice beta. Anyways, false advertisement i demand i keep the system and sony refund my money

  • josh

    I’m upset because DriveClub was the main reason why I bought the Ps4

  • Matthew Wyers

    angry! they need to release a beta and let us decide what needs to be changed.

    FORZA and a XBO is looking better more and more.

  • B.K

    SH*T. I was so excited… 🙁