Watch Dogs Wii U graphics Vs last-gen, next-gen

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2014

Watch Dogs has hit the headlines recently for various reasons. One area that we haven’t discussed though is the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. For those that are not aware, Ubisoft has confirmed a Watch Dogs May release date for all platforms except the Wii U – now though, we find out a little bit more on what exactly is causing the extra delay.

Just to recap, Watch Dogs on Wii U was already the subject of a intense speculation from fans who were worried that a lack of Watch Dogs news on the platform could ultimately lead to a cancellation.

Developers are now inevitably prioritizing next-gen versions ahead of last-gen, but Ubisoft has been keen to remind fans that a Wii U version is still on the way.

At the moment though, the fears are still there with Ubisoft unable to confirm a Wii U release date unlike the May 26 date which has now been finalized for other platforms.

Creative Director for the game Jonathan Morin has been answering some of these concerns via his personal Twitter account. When specifically asked how the level of the Wii U version will be compared to last-gen and PS4, Xbox One formats, he had this to say in reply:

As you can see from his words, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is not going to feature graphics that are close to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Instead, the visuals will actually be more comparable to PS3 and Xbox 360 versions – a decision that Morin says is ‘logical from a technical standpoint’.

Ubisoft has confirmed that they are spending longer on the Wii U version in order to fully explore the platform and make full use of the GamePad to see how far it can be ‘pushed’. Ubisoft has also said that because of the extra attention needed for Wii U, they didn’t want to delay the other versions so took the decision to separate Nintendo’s build from the rest – again.

At this stage, we think it will be a satisfying outcome for Watch Dogs to just arrive on the Wii U. After the third-party troubles that the console has had, it perhaps wouldn’t have been seen as a huge surprise if the game did get cancelled – as sad as that sounds.

If you are still holding out for the Wii U version, give us your thoughts on the other platforms being prioritized ahead of Wii U. Are you satisfied that the graphics are comparable to PS3 and Xbox 360, unlike next-gen?

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  • will

    Well, if I wanted to play the game with gorgeous graphics, I’d buy the PC version(Consoles just don’t live up to PC standards).
    I enjoy playing games on the Wii U. I really have fun playing the NintendoLand games with my friends and family. I think the Wii U version of Watch Dogs will be worth the wait.

    PS- For those comparing WiiU’s tablet to the Vita… They’re completely different.
    1)Screen size
    2)Tablet actually adds to gameplay(When you’re using the tele, at least)
    3)Why would I play quality games on a second, smaller screen anyways? I’ll stick to the TV/monitor and when I’m out and about, I’ll be out and about, not streaming games to a handheld screen.

  • Mule007

    Majority of other publishers did the math on Wii U…and they’re all gone. Ubisoft is next…and wondering honestly if Nintendo somehow “compensated” them to stay around this long. Play Assassins Creed on Wii U, then play on PS4/Xbox/PC. Wii U version had unplayable controls, awful graphics that honestly looked worse than my 360, it was like I turned on my Xbox 360, but the year was 2006. That was how bad the graphics and game controls were…and people wonder why 3rd party developers left in droves from Wii U…

    • Link

      Which AC did you play cause both 3 and 4 both ran smoother and looked better on my WiiU than my PS3.

    • noneya

      I would like to know as well cause I actually own a wii u, ps3, 360 and have played Batman arkham city and origins as well AC on wii u, ps3, and 360 all on a 1080p 50 inch TV, all while myself having better than 20/20 vision the wii u versions were noticeably superior especially in the newer releases. The graphical clarity in origins was twice that of the 360 or ps3 as well as the frame rate. The wii u runs a superior looking origins without breaking a sweat while my 360 and ps3 struggled to run the game. Compare Mario 3d world to recent ratchet and clank releases once again you’ll see that the wii u has far superior hardware. People that bash a wii u are usually people that haven’t played it.

  • npsacobra

    More like P U. Why do people want this game on this system anyway? It won’t have any flashing blobs or little cutesy characters wiggling, and spinning.

    • Dill Bates

      You can keep your AO games! 🙂

  • Dave

    Nope, no sale for me.

    Pulling personnel from the team for the sake of working on the other versions only shows just what kind of priority the Wii U version is taking. There is no delay for the sake of polish or gamepad development. I take all that talk as simple lip service. Wii U owners know better. The delay is a bad sign, and the confirmation of ps360 level graphics is also a bad sign. All that says is that this is a shoehorn of a ps360 title, the same as all other Wii U efforts. I’ll pass. And it really does rub people the wrong way to read about the delay after how Rayman was handled. Why no delay for all versions then?

    I guess Ubi can take that to mean that there isn’t a market for 3rd party games on the platform. I know they will. In reality though, I’m just not in the market for a halfhearted attempt.

    Make the game right, and people might buy it. Otherwise, cancel the damn thing.

  • Paladinrja

    Just cancel it Ubisoft, theres obviously something problematic going on behind Ubisoft closed doors regarding Wii U. I think its keeping consumers focussed on PS & XBOX as one line of thinking where another is to push Wii U into another avenue of profitability development.

    On this title alone the creative director (Morin) and Senior Producer (Guay) are talking completely different development focus. I think the Senior Producer has had the game given to Bucharest to see if they can expand the title and explore Wii U where the creative director is still stuck on a finished title and believes little more than polishing that is what will eventuate.

    To me, it seems obvious Ubisoft aren’t going to go into great expenditure mining Wii U but will spend a little more and rather than give that money to Morin et al, has put the version in the hands of a more capable studio in Ubisoft Bucharest; whom have probably proven to SP Dominic Guay that given some money and a little time can leverage a better Wii U version.

    You did your bit Morin et al, you can all relax in nice, safe, x86 compile environment and shut up now. Your Senior Producer will take it from here.

  • Von

    After the first delay, It got my excitement lost. And after the second, IDK anymore.But i’m not yet giving up on Watch_Dogs for Wii U! Wii U will have a unique gameplay than the rest of the consoles. Off-Tv screenplay, miiverse integrated, and of course… The only console that has free internet capabilities.

    • Mule007

      Wow great, “free” internet services on Wii U. Really…with their stellar lineup of apps, all 2 of them (Netflix/Hulu…which btw were not going to happen, Nintendo paid them to develop those apps, unlike other consoles and obviously the PC.) Sorry, I’ll gladly pay what I make in an hour’s worth of work for the amazing content, apps, free games, etc. that my PS4/Xbox One provide.

      • yienwae

        Don’t forget that you will be paying for your online play too……. I’ll take my free apps (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/YouTube & my free Web surfing services as well AND MiiVerse) and free online play anytime. Yes, the community is smaller, but that will grow in time and has grown over the past year. So enjoy paying for your premium services. I’ll enjoy my free premium services. I’ll take my saved hour’s worth of work to enjoy an extra cup of coffee and a croissant. Personally, I won’t pay for premium services that I believe should be FREE to begin with.

        • Mule007

          Sorry, I was a little “passionate” in a bad way. Forgot Youtube/Amazon. Don’t get me wrong…love Wii U exclusives, but trying to make a point about value for monthly fee. For the record, Xbox fan mainly, but just bought PS4 and a Vita. Example, PS Plus is a tremendous value for $50 compared to Nintendo “free” services. I got 2 AAA title for Vita during March, plus handful of other games, not too mention their library of apps that makes Wii’s lineup look paltry. Plus “free” games for PS4 for month of March. And that $50 “small” fee is why Xbox has the best servers/cloud tech in the buisness. Being harsh again, but multiplayer gaming/Internet services are an absolute joke on the Wii U compared to every other system, including it’s younger sibling the original Wii. Btw, where do you buy a coffee and croissant for $50??

        • Mule007

          Plus I get rewarded w/$ just by visiting Xbox Rewards page over the months…how bout this stop drinking your coffee and crossaint for just one week, and BAM, you’ll have 50 bucks. Nothing is free nowadays…even your “free” internet services on Wii U, which you likely had to shell out $$$ to cable/DSL company, so really, how is Wii U “free?” You get what you pay for…and in Wii U case, not a whole lot because it’s “free.”

        • yienwae

          One, I am assuming your monthly fee is not $50. If it is, then I can definitely afford lots of coffee and lots of croissants! I had an XBox Live Gold account before. The fact that I had to pay a subscription fee on top of my Netflix fee as it was left a bad taste in my mouth. I already pay for my Internet services. So in order for me to surf the web using my XBox Internet Explorer browser or watching YouTube videos meant that I now have to pay another fee on top of my internet fees? That’s a joke!

          Second, if your PS services are doing the same thing that MS was doing with their XBox Live Gold, then you are paying too much for your services. Regardless of how much of the value they happen to offer. You pay the subscription fee to get access to them every month. If you bought your game and it has online multi-player features, you should not have pay an extra fee every month to access those features and play with other people. Those features came with your game when you purchased it.

          The Vita is a great machine. My brother in law has one. His primary problem with it is the game selection. But I like the many apps and the internet interface. The fact it plays PS 1 games is cool too. The good news it that is that you do not have to pay anything extra charges to surf the web or watch YouTube or other stuff. That’s the way it should be.

          My personal opinion on the matter is that the only extra fees one should be paying for is for purchases (DLC’s, expansions, new products, etc). Not for existing services that you should already have due to you having an internet connection.

          When I compare that to what Nintendo offers. I only pay for one thing. My internet service. Everything else (online gaming, browsing, watching movies and videos, MiiVerse social network, etc.) are free. Can’t beat that. Now, where’s my coffee…… 😀

        • Mule007

          …and Nintendo has to pay nothing to run a server “farm” to support their “free” internet, Microsoft’s servers on other hand….billion dollar investment that is long term. Only 2 games…Forza and Titanfall as of now.

      • Dill Bates


  • DarthPraxis

    I am still looking forward to playing Watch Dogs on the Wii U but I am frustrated at third party developers such as Ubisoft and Activision for not fully taking advantage of the full capabilities the Wii U hardware has reportedly been capable of, including effects and resolutions on par with DirectX 11 enabled games, and simply porting the 360/PS3 version over to the Wii U and just slightly tweeting it to make it look a little “better”.

    I am actually quite a bit more excited at the prospect of a game such as Project CARS, which has been developed on a far superior PC engine and has been developed to push the Wii U instead of “dumbing” it down to PS3/360 first!

  • yienwae

    I really don’t care. It may be comparable to previous gen graphics, but it will still be slightly better. My issue is how the game play experience will be and how the gamepad will be utilized. That’s more important to me than the graphics. I am fine with current gen ‘graphics’.

  • Kyle

    But they delayed the Wii U for rayman on the other consoles. Why did we have to wait for the others but they can’t wait or us. Unless there is more content and much better features in the Wii U version, I woun’t be playing it at all. How do you expect people do be excited for a game which could be over a month old? A lot of people finish a game in a months time so we’d be playing a game loads of other people are already talking about. No thanks.

    • Kehkou

      Thanks to Micro$oft’s restrictive release date policies for the 360. They won’t license a game if it’s released on competing platforms prior to M$ ones.

  • Albert

    The fact that it is getting the time it needs to be a great game on the system is all that really matters. I don’t mind the extra wait as this requires more time to work on 2 screens. Understandable on my behalf, the Wii U will get features that no other system will have, so it should take longer to complete. And they can proceed to release for the other systems it’s ok, just knowing that the WII U version will have it’s own experience makes it worth the wait.

  • waltersoto

    Using the Wii U’s gamepad as a hacking device in the game may be worth the wait.

  • Optimusprime2314

    Maybe the Wii U version of watch dogs might have a different approach and beside the Wii U platform feels more like a Next gen console even though it was released the late of Nov 2012 there is still a possibly where the creator of Nintendo can booth up it’s main frame and make the graphics more universal, so people could look at the Wii U platform a little bit differently

  • Carl Fin

    Really couldn’t care. The graphics are awesome enough. Bring on the Wii U version. Playing this on the handheld during the summer will be epic while everyone else stays in doors.

    • Josh101

      The only way you’ll be able to do that is if you stay within 20ft of the system. What you would need to really take this anywhere, is a PS4 and PS Vita. 🙂

      • Carl Fin

        Don’t feel like spending $400 for the ps4 + $60 for the game + $200 for a vita + $50 for ps+ just to play one game thanks. The Wii U version will do just fine at $250 + $60 with built in remote play. I’m already playing black ops 2 on the gamepad and it’s epic. It’s about 25 foot and that’s fine.
        I was all set to buy a ps4 but I’m not a kid anymore and I need the 2 player coop games on hand for my kids + wife. If I was single and loaded, I’d be all over your idea though of a ps4 + vita but when a family is in the equation,the wii u with gamepad makes much to much sense .

        • AllCreation

          You forgot to mention the $50 or so you’ll have to kick out for the memory card that Sony forces you to buy in order for the Vita to work

      • AllCreation

        Also you actually need a decent Wifi signal to use the Vita’s remote play away from the PS4 Console… key word being decent.. even if you are one of the 11 people that bought the version of the Vita that can connect through a phone plan, online gaming will be nearly impossible.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    I think it’s a good thing the game is being delayed for the WiiU platform. I’d prefer this over a dirty port. It sounds to me as if ubisoft is making it for the platform and as such, if they get the gamepad integration right, it should be the best version.

    • AllCreation

      Problem is the wait… I’m a huge Nintendo fan but i don’t think any one else with multiple consoles is going to wait for a TBD Wii U version when the have 4 or 5 other versions to choose from… Most gamers have either a PS3 or 360 while the PS4 and XB1 versions will offer better graphics .. even if it turns out that the Wii U version is better it’ll be pretty tough getting any one to buy the game twice… Bottom line is that there’s no way this won’t hurt the over all sales of the Wii U version… and of course like WB this will be used as an excuse to pull software support for the console in the future

      • Kamikaze Scotsman

        Even though I already have a PS3 and I will have a PS4 by that time, I’ll wait for the Wii U version. I think it will be much better with the tablet.