Titanfall Xbox 360 release date hype after resolution

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2014

With Xbox One owners having had Titanfall to enjoy for almost a week, attention has now shifted to the Titanfall Xbox 360 release date with Respawn handing duties over to Bluepoint Games who will port the game ready for release on March 25.

We told you that the Xbox One version of the game would have a fixed 792p resolution at launch, but now we have some Titanfall news on the rumored Xbox 360 resolution.

Unfortunately though, it perhaps isn’t the news that you wanted to hear as we could be looking at a game which features a resolution below 720p. Industry insider Pete Dodd has suggested this to be the case, whilst at the same time going on record to say that Titanfall on Xbox 360 will also only be 30FPS.

While some of you would have expected a resolution lower than 720p on last-gen, the same cannot be said for the framerate which many of you were looking for a 60FPS game – although the Xbox One is only ‘up to 60FPS’ it has to be said, with many reporting that the frame rate does dip belong 60FPS at busy moments.

The reaction to this information has been mixed. We’ve seen feedback from some gamers who believe that Titanfall on Xbox 360 will still go on to be one of the best selling games on Xbox 360 despite the resolution and framerate.

However, as you can see above we have also heard about surprising action from some gamers who are even willing to cancel their pre-order after hearing that Titanfall on Xbox 360 won’t be able to hit 60FPS.

How do you personally feel about Titanfall being below 720p and 30FPS? Is this what you expected for a third-party port of the game, or are you disappointed as well?

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  • Chuck Stone

    Just got a letter saying the release date has been extended to April 8,2014.

  • GeorgeTheGreek

    I cancelled my preorder today.

  • GeorgeTheGreek

    I cancelled my preorder today.

  • jboy61

    hit me up on 360: jabberwock12 Titanfall can’t come to 360 soon enough

  • Jay G

    Only Xbot fanboys could have a flamewar over both of their own company’s hardware.

  • Michael Cella

    Plus my xbox one version has crazy screen tearing, graphics are last gen COD quality and frame rate dips… I feel like Microsoft rushed this game out!

    • Looks great on my tv.

      • dio

        mine to

    • dio

      no its just you have a horrible tv

  • Michael Cella

    All the COD’S were 60fps, there is no excuse, Microsoft is shitting on ya’ll so you can a xbox 1

    • dio

      i know a game that is ten times better graphics and gameplay an doesnt even need the online gameplay to prove it

      • Roman



    It doesn’t matter 85% of 360 games run in 30fps so stop being a baby and get beat by me in titanfall😁

    • dio

      do you play it on 360


        Yes April 8th on my b-day😁

  • Travis Broschat

    Glad I bought an Xbox One already, but if I was still playing my Xbox 360 I’d still buy Titanfall for it, 30fps isn’t a big deal, I’d be more concerned with the <720p resolution, how far below 720p are we talking? I wouldn't be expecting the same game on Xbox 360 as Xbox One, that's unreasonable, if you want next gen performance you have to buy the next gen console… Sell your 360 and get and XBOne…

    • Bran

      If I had to guess, since Respawn is made of former CoD developers (granted the port is not being handled by Respawn but I imagine its still a fair benchmark to shoot for), it would be reasonable to expect a resolution around 1024×600.

      That’s the resolution most CoD games ran at on the last generation with some going even lower. Black Ops 2 and Ghosts for example ran at 880×720.

      But that’s just my guess.

    • jadedcorliss

      Honestly, COD at 1024x600p and Halo 3 at 1152x640p isn’t all that bad.

  • jazzman

    I am very disappointed. I opted for a PS4 this generation but have also got a 360. I was hoping that EA, respawn and bluepoint would think about the considerably larger user base on the 360 and do this port properly. I think its a bit of a slap in the face for loyal xbox 360 gamers and considering many other games achieve higher than 720p and 60 fps with their games on 360 this is unacceptable. Shoddy work all round.
    The decision to use the source engine to design this game was a bad one from the very beginning. I wont be buying this either and think its time to sell my 360 as I feel like they have dropped us like a hot potato. Bye Bye MS.

    • sekel1433

      Looks like you dropped MS when you bought the PS4. You got what you deserved.

      • dio

        exactally sony should have never made a consol to begin with now their facing the effects of their halarious loss

        • kaze343

          please go further on said loss. both are selling well (one more than the other, but its still early in the game) and both have content geared towards their ideal consumers.

    • Bran

      Actually most games on the 360 are @720p or below, most of which only manage 30fps. CoD for example runs at 1024×600 (sometimes lower depending on the particular title), and the only reason CoD manages 60fps is because of that low resolution, mixed with low player counts, small maps, relatively bad graphics, and a stale engine. Most games that claim to achieve ‘higher than 720p’ actually upscale the image rather than actually rendering at that higher resolution which is not the same thing.

      Framerate wise, gamers need to stop taking numbers thrown at them by developers as scripture. No game maintains a constant framerate. The only way this is possible is if the hardware is vastly more powerful than the game demands and a framerate limiter is put in place, and lets face it, decade old hardware is not up to that task. GTA 5 for example often drops into the teens, and CoD games (which claim 60fps) have been found to often drop into the 30’s and 40’s depending on the platform.

      Basically its ridiculous to expect or demand more than this, and most games that claim to do more either flat out lie, or REALLY bend the truth. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

    • Ace Extreme

      The 360 is 8 or 9 years old now. Games like Titanfall and Battlefield are crazy it’s a miracle they’ve been successfully ported to 360. Frame rates and resolution mean about as much to me as contrast ratios on monitors… you have to see it to see what is really happening compared to developer numbers.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Well, seeing that you weren’t loyal to the Xbox brand (opting for the rival Next Gen console), take the 360 port or leave your tears for someone who cares…

      • dio

        thank you jonathan at least someone feels the same way i do

    • Rob

      Wow gamers these days are so spoiled and self entitled and also think they know everything when they don’t know jack. The 360 hardware is approaching a decade old, your either very delusional or we’re expecting a miracle either way it’s your own fault for being a moron. If the xbox one version is barely over 720 and struggling to maintain 60 frames when the game gets busy what makes you think the ten year old 360 would pull off 720:60. they would have to give the game the textures of a cartoon to pull that off and you’d still be bitching. You’ve been reading too many xbox one hater comments if you were expecting this game to do what the xbox one does.