Titanfall Xbox 360 release date hype after resolution

With Xbox One owners having had Titanfall to enjoy for almost a week, attention has now shifted to the Titanfall Xbox 360 release date with Respawn handing duties over to Bluepoint Games who will port the game ready for release on March 25.

We told you that the Xbox One version of the game would have a fixed 792p resolution at launch, but now we have some Titanfall news on the rumored Xbox 360 resolution.

Unfortunately though, it perhaps isn’t the news that you wanted to hear as we could be looking at a game which features a resolution below 720p. Industry insider Pete Dodd has suggested this to be the case, whilst at the same time going on record to say that Titanfall on Xbox 360 will also only be 30FPS.

While some of you would have expected a resolution lower than 720p on last-gen, the same cannot be said for the framerate which many of you were looking for a 60FPS game – although the Xbox One is only ‘up to 60FPS’ it has to be said, with many reporting that the frame rate does dip belong 60FPS at busy moments.

The reaction to this information has been mixed. We’ve seen feedback from some gamers who believe that Titanfall on Xbox 360 will still go on to be one of the best selling games on Xbox 360 despite the resolution and framerate.

However, as you can see above we have also heard about surprising action from some gamers who are even willing to cancel their pre-order after hearing that Titanfall on Xbox 360 won’t be able to hit 60FPS.

How do you personally feel about Titanfall being below 720p and 30FPS? Is this what you expected for a third-party port of the game, or are you disappointed as well?



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