Titanfall saves Xbox One sales

By Matt Tran - Mar 17, 2014

Titanfall has helped save the Xbox One’s sales, massively boosting the next gen platform since its launch last week. Sales in the UK for the Xbox One console rocketed by 96%, with many consumers taking advantage of the reduced Titanfall bundle which was announced a few weeks back.

Since its release on Friday in the UK, Titanfall proved to be so huge that just on that day alone it accounted for 70% of the weekly games sales. Microsoft reviewed their UK strategy and decided to reduce the Xbox One console from £429 to £399 and throw in a digital download of Titanfall in a themed box for good measure.

This deal has clearly got people interested as it looks like these bundles have flown off the shelves, with pre-orders also very high globally. EA has announced that Titanfall has now been hailed as the biggest release of 2014 so far, which will bode well for Microsoft and the Xbox One going forward. The Xbox exclusivity has been crucial advantage against Sony and the PS4 who are still largely dominating.

When Titanfall arrived on Xbox One and PC on Friday, CVG reports that it accounted for 94% of first week sales. The game is still is to get its Xbox 360 release and a potential Mac launch too, which will breed further confidence and positives in this highly competitive games console market.

Did you buy the Titanfall Xbox One bundle?

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  • Kevin Caldwell

    Please get your facts right, the Xbox One was never £450, it started at £430, and is now as cheap as £350 – the same price as the PS4.

    • Grimwald

      Shows how bad the console actually is having to rely on Titanfall’s release and then having to massively reduce the price just so they are able to shift a few consoles

      • Jimmy_Jangle

        Yeah, I mean, shifting more units since launch than the 360 did when it came out….

        Yeah, like, really bad….

        • Grimwald

          Bad enough for the developers to turn around and say that the second one will not be an exclusive as Microsoft have not done no where near as well as originally thought

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          Oh really?

          Citation please.

        • Josh101

          Umm, you can easily google it. But it’s a moot point, $60 for a online only game that will have paid for DLC is a waste of money. Especially considering the game won’t be available forever. It will eventually be shutdown for the next big title. Which will be Titanfall 2. Which will be multiplatform, like Titanfall should have been. That was until Microsoft decided to pay for exclusivity. It’s not like the developers were like “Lets release only on Microsoft consoles! They are the bestest!!” Nope, they took money from Microsoft to make it exclusive. Which is pretty pathetic. Microsoft doesn’t have the 1st party studios to back them up, they have to bribe people.

        • ETMew2348

          sadly not just Microsoft sony/Nintendo do to. wanna know why devs will not and cannot grow a pair. (always wanted to use that in a sentence) they aren’t willing to take chances and if they have to sped like a few thousand dollars more to make it work with a game pad they would probably cut a few corners. its not about the games its about the money =(

        • TitanFail

          Disagree. Most series’ do not come out of exclusivity. The devs prefer the comfort of a definite pay check rather than risk it for potential glory. The guys are ex-CoD and ever since I can recall they have (through timed exclusives) been in M$’s pocket. Anywho, the last thging we need is another FPS – especially a hollow, online only FPS. I want Fallout 4, Unchartered 4, Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition. I just wish they hurry up with these awseome games, not more CoD clones. I mean, I already have Ghosts on the PS4, but no epic RPG exists. All the best games are still on the PS3. And just last week they said Witcher has been delayed. Ugh. I guess the next game I’ll be getting will be Watch Dogs…

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          “The guys are ex-CoD and ever since I can recall they have (through timed exclusives) been in M$’s pocket”

          And you have Activision to thank for that, now EA for this.

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          “$60 for a online only game that will have paid for DLC is a waste of money.” – That’s subjective; you may view it as a waste of money, yet there’s probably a lot of people out there who don’t agree with you. The type who view campaign as a primer for the multiplayer experience they primarily bought the game for.

          Talking of price; compare the above to someone playing an MMORPG for the same period of time that Titanfall is out.

          Even with XBL subs I’d be willing to bet that the MMORPG ends up costing more.

          So because an online-only model has been applied to a FPS you call it a waste of money? I don’t see you saying the same thing about WoW, SW:ToR, and Ultima:Online, funnily enough.

        • Josh101

          “So because an online-only model has been applied to a FPS you call it a waste of money?”/quote
          Published by the same company that pushes out yearly releases of COD, yes. It’s a waste of money. Those servers will not be up long, at all. The difference is, WOW, SW:ToR and Ultima online will be on for YEARS and have been already. It’s not the same. PC players can create their own servers if the game no longer has official servers. Console players cannot. There’s potential end game on PC. Microsoft and Respawn will definately reallocate servers to the next big title which will be Titanfall 2.

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          Really? I’d like to see your reasoning for this, given that TF runs on Azure, which, let’s be honest, given its success, do you see going anywhere over the next 10 years, asides from up?