Third-gen Smart ForTwo boasts significant changes

If you are of the opinion that the current Smart ForTwo is lacking in key areas and is in need of a change, then you will already be happy about the news that a third-gen model is well into the development and testing stages. The new Smart ForTwo is expected to be released next year in the UK and some new images helps to highlight the significant changes to the model.

The biggest change is from the partnership with Mercedes, as Smart has far more control this time. This fresh start should help offer the small two-seater a better future, although the 2015 Smart ForTwo needs to deliver.

We’re told that the new model will come with various wheelbase options, which will not only improve handling, but strength as well. You will also notice by the image below just how the front-end has changed, as it now has a more distinct bonnet and grille, although it is very hard to make out clearly.

Third-gen Smart ForTwo

The overall design of the third generation Smart ForTwo exterior looks to be larger, which you can see in the image above. The rear windows look much larger, although this is thanks to a longer wheelbase mentioned above.

One of the more important changes is to its engine because a more powerful three-cylinder, 1-liter engine will power the all-new Smart ForTwo. There are three options though, the naturally aspirated 70 horsepower version, a turbocharged variant offering 85 horsepower, or a Brabus version that will push out 105 bhp.

There will no longer be a diesel version, although a Smart ForTwo EV version is planned, but we have no details as to when.

For several more images of the third generation Smart ForTwo, we ask that you visit Autocar.



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