Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain 2015 release hint

By Matt Tran - Mar 17, 2014

The Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain release has been hinted for 2015 via a registration message from Ground Zeroes. The imminent MGS5 game gives players the option to register their copy online, interestingly offering gamers the opportunity for DLC content for early 2015.

This release date could fall in line with The Phantom Pain which is currently in development and follows on from Ground Zeroes. It is not certain if the DLC content being referred to is indeed Phantom Pain or not but there is every chance it could be, with players able to redeem their digital copy of the game next year, or at least free DLC.

A user on Reddit has posted this image, which shows the registration confirmation of Metal Gear Sold V: Ground Zeroes and the accompanying message which reads “come back early in 2015 to claim your downloadable content!”

Konami has already dished out incentives for players who pre-ordered Ground Zeroes early, rewarding them with future Phantom Pain DLC. Whether or not this bonus content in early 2015 is for Ground Zeroes or something to do with Phantom Pain is debatable; however the good thing is we will not be short on Metal Gear Solid 5 action going in to the future.

Do you think Konami has accidentally outed an indication of The Phantom Pain release date?

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  • Emanym

    A year away. How about just give us the game. Kojima will tweak on MGS5 for 10 years if they’d let him.

  • Sticky

    I just received my copy of Ground Zeroes and it says in the little leaflet with the registration code that the DLC is for an exclusive unlock in Phantom Pain

  • Michael

    2015!? , are you friggin serious!, then what POSSIBLE sense does it make to release a crappy little prolouge now?!