Hunt for Apple CarPlay cars

By Peter Chubb - Mar 17, 2014

During WWDC 2013 last June, Apple unveiled a new service called iOS in the Car, which was finally launched last week, under the name CarPlay instead. A host of car manufacturers have already given their support, such as Ferrari. Volvo and Mercedes, which we’ll get to in a moment.

The hunt for Apple CarPlay cars is a little disappointing at the moment because there are currently only a handful of models offering support, but we do know that they are coming. We know for certain that the Ferrari FF will come with CarPlay, which is demonstrated in the first video below.

The second vehicle to support CarPlay is the all-new Mercedes C-class, which is seen in the second video. Finally, we have the Volvo new XC90 seen in the third video, although Apple’s CarPlay will be coming to a new Volvo Estate, which was seen at the Geneva Motor Show.

Apple CarPlay cars

We do hope to see more models showcase CarPlay soon, but as yet it’s a waiting game. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Jaguar XE will come with full CarPlay support?

While we would like to give you a rundown of the models, we can tell you the CarPlay lineup for 2014 will include models from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes and Volvo.

However, future models from the likes of BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Jaguar and so many more, all of which can be seen here will offer support, although we have no timescale.

Audi, Chrysler and Volkswagen have yet to offer support for CarPlay. Toyota had said that they were to offer support for CarPlay in 2015, but has since denied this.

The videos do not give you much to go by, and so we have included a forth video, which is a complete demo of CarPlay in action. However, the integration on the car model in the video looks just like a tablet has been placed on the dashboard. To give you a better idea of a more complete integration within a supported vehicle, we have included a fifth video for your viewing pleasure.

Do you fully support CarPlay, and if so what model would you like to see the technology integrated into?

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  • Cornstarch

    you can’t change the icon style so that it doesn’t look Kiddish. With Android, you can change the whole interface to meet your mood or need or to match the interior of the Car.

    • JamesSutton

      With Android, you can’t do this at all on any car. Nor can you afford a Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari.

      • Cornstarch

        Go live in Hong kong or Singapore and you’ll find out that Android dominate because they are a work hoarse to get the job done quickly and efficiently and not a fashion phone like Apple. Ferrari has a director on Apple’s board and that’s how they secure a deal to put ios in Ferrari. Lamborghini doesn’t have ios, explain that.

        • Amazing how many Android users feel the compelled to read news about iOS and then whine.