Google Chromecast misery for UK release ends

It was at the start of March when we reported that Google Chromecast was finally going to get its release in the UK in March, and we now have a release date for you. It looks highly likely that the delayed release misery for this product will end on Wednesday, 19th of March.

Android Police has it on good authority that the Google Chromecast dongle will be ready to purchase from UK retailers from Wednesday, although as yet no price has been announced.

A leaked screenshot of what is said to be from Dixon’s internal system suggest a March 19th release, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, especially when Curry’s already suggested a March release, which just so happens to be owned by the Dixon’s Group.

Even though we have no official Google Chromecast price, we expect it will cost about £30. US consumers only pay $35, which is around £21, but we know that consumers in the UK always have to pay a premium because of greed from their government.

If this is the case do you think it will work out cheaper to choose the US import instead, unless there is a UK incentive?

We know for certain that many UK retailers will stock the Google Chromecast, but you will also be able to purchase one from the Google Play Store.



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