COD Ghosts bans provokes anger

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2014

COD Ghosts multiplayer may be one of the most addictive multiplayer experiences available on console, but recently we have also heard that it is also one of the most frustrating. Complaints are now coming in that COD Ghosts permanent bans are being handed out, some of which are to users who say they are completely innocent.

It’s not the first time we have spoken about Call of Duty bans, but it is the first time in which Activision appears to have taken action in such a mass wave targeting hundreds of users simultaneously.

While we support Activision finally taking strict action against those who use COD Ghosts cheats and hacks, unfortunately it looks like Activision has also banned those who are playing the game in an legitimate way.

Worst yet, we have been getting complaints from players who say that Activision and Infinity Ward have remained completely silent on the bans as well. We’ve been doing some digging on this and found the following evidence for you starting with one example from an affected user below:

There are also countless threads that have been opened on the official COD Ghosts forums on this issue, while we can also confirm that a petition has been set up accusing Activision of ‘theft’ for banning legit players after buying the Devastation DLC map pack – sounds a bit on the extreme side but it’s there to see.

As far as we’re aware, this is happening with different platform versions of the game, not just a single one. Activision has not made the mood any better either by responding to one complaint with the following statement:

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban.”

Have you been banned from Call of Duty? If so get in touch with us below and tell us your status right now, including the platform you were playing on.

Has Activision reversed your ban or not?

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  • Kevin D. Jolley

    I was banned and never got any resolution from the makers,it’s very frustrating!

  • IvanRider

    Island Paradise and Into the Future are the only expansions for Sims 3 I still have any plans to ever get. After that, I’m not getting Sims 4. A time is soon coming when I will be hesitant to ever again spend money on a single game, PC or console.

    This isn’t simply growing up and getting boring. This is getting fed up with the crap that game developers do that breaks their product and sucks out whatever fun was promised on the marketing end.

  • tron

    orrrr……better idea return that s*** go to ur local wal-mart and grab a copy of bf4…….just like new

  • Nomadic

    I bet players will think twice about letting their 2yr old run around aimlessly going 0-25 thinking it’s cute.

  • David Holcomb

    I was banned on the Xbox 360 and my ban was lifted. I really hope Activision publishes an apology and something to explain how they ended up accusing so many people of cheating/hacking when it wasn’t true.

  • tonito

    I’m all for banning people but it has to be done right. I realized I was banned Friday night and had not played since wednesday. I’m guessing I ended up on a hacked lobby without my knowledge. Either way, I sold my COD game earlier today and have no intentions of ever buying a game from Infinity Ward.

  • Anwar Gordon

    I support banning cheaters/hackers… but… do it correctly… I think if Activision had done a good job of making a secure platform there wouldnt have been so much cheaters/hackers. I’ve been in lobbies and see menus appearing from no where…. invisible players.. lol… those are the people Activision show try to go after. Activision/Call of Duty will be losing a whole lot of supporters.

  • CheatersFellingCheated

    Everyone is innocent…sure. They simply look at gameplay videos. It is not just hacking, but also boosting that contravenes the policy. I think it is good that they are banning cheats. But iit is a bit pathetic if they are reversing them. Also, legally, of course they can ban you. It is like a membership of any club. And also, it is not an online only game, so you still get to enjoy the SP plus whatever survival game they have there. If Titanfail banned users, that would be different, but they still could if people breach the terms of service.

  • RIPPERmotercross

    I was permanently banned from ghosts on saturday morning. i did nothing to break the CoC. my guess is that i was banned for being in a hacked lobby that i didn’t know about . I got on again on sunday evening and the ban was gone, so i guess they decided to lift some bans. i am happy that they are trying to clean the game of hackers and cheaters, but i think they should be more thorough and they shouldnt ban people for accidently being in hacked lobbies. and they shouldn’t ban inocent players. i am happy that they are listening and lifting some of the unjust bans.

  • John

    I think I should check if I’m baned. I don’t recall ever playing with hackers.

  • james flanagan

    they are lifting bans go to twitter and contact infinity ward and activision with your info

  • Wayne McDaniel

    I’ve been banned. I haven’t checked today to see if its reversed. If I am placed in a lobby i try to always play out the game no matter how outmatched i seem to be and that seems to be a lot(kill to death ratio of like 6/10) compared to past versions of the game (well above 1/1). You should never be banned because of a lobby you end up in They(the game) has put you there. They need to reexamine their policies and how they are enforced. PS3 gamer tag WRMII

  • J.D.

    I’ve never hacked (and don’t even know how) but it is possible i’ve been in hacked lobbies without my knowledge. If I get banned, I can assure you I will be suing Infinity Ward, Activision, Sony Playstation, and any other companies remotely tied to this.

  • nobodyspecial

    If they’re going to start rendering players’ $60 purchases useless with absolutely no recourse, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that they at least inform the player what they’re being accused of, and provide at least a minimal level of proof. Seriously, they supposedly review the games. Is taking a screenshot and emailing it to them too much to ask?

  • Jetblackice

    Not providing information as to why players are being banned, I’m pretty sure that is breaking the data protection act! Looks like Activision will have a few law suits on their hands…

    • Jrn00498

      I have been following this since Saturday night, and have to say I have become paranoid about my account because of this latest wave of bans. Not because I have done anything wrong, but because there does not appear to be any differentiation between modders and hackers vs. the rest of us that end up in a public match with a hacker/modder. IF, and this is a big if, the bans are on people that accepted invites to a hacked lobby, either knowingly or unknowingly, I would feel a bit better because I only play in public matches due to a lack of friends on the xbox 360. There is a huge problem when the burden falls on us, the casual gamer, to know whether or not a lobby that we were placed in via the matchmaking system, is hacked or not. For people like myself, with a sub 1.0 K/D ratio, it always feels like people are cheating, just because they are so much better than me. So, do we dashboard, and get labelled a quitter, and possibly face a temp ban for frequent dashboarding? Do we just stand still, and wait it out until we can back out of the lobby? I am serious, I dont know what to do anymore.