Uncharted 4 zeal for story humor

By Peter Chubb - Mar 15, 2014

Uncharted 3 was the very first game that I played in the series and was surprised at how easily it drew me in. There were many reasons for this, but the main one was due to the amount of humor throughout the story, and it is for this very reason why I hope that Uncharted 4 is much the same.

My Uncharted 4 zeal for story humor might be a misguided one considering how so many fans believe that Naughty Dog lost their way with the franchise, as it wasn’t as good as Uncharted 1 or 2. They could be right, but having so much humor in a game helped with the flow and made me look forward to those cut-scenes.

From the early part of Uncharted 3 we were subjected to the humor that was mentioned above, such as when Charlie Cutter had to pat Nathan up and down, and Drake came back with the quote, “Enjoying yourself, pal?”

Hearing this meant that fans were in for an enjoyable time during those cut-scenes, I know I was. Some of my favorites quotes from Uncharted 3 were, “We’re gonna need a bigger plunger” or “Trust you to find a jungle in the middle of France”, as well as when Nathan says, “How do I know you’re real?” and so Sully struts forward flicks him and replies “Real enough for ya?”

I could go on for hours listing all the funny quotes in the game, but I’m sure you already know most of them? It’s not just the humor though, as the timing was spot on as well. It’s all very well throwing in some fun within a game, but getting the timing right is so important and Naughty Dog nailed it – again, a personal opinion.

A perfect example of this timing was when Sully said, Well well well, in which Nathan replied, Haha, that’s cute. Elena was confused by this and asked what? and Nathan then answered, “Cos it’s a well.”

I can remember when Uncharted 3 was first released and we had asked Product Reviews readers what quotes they loved from the game, and it was clear that the favorite was when Charlie said he needed to top up his minutes, Nate retorted, “Wait you’re using a pre paid phone?” Charlie then came back with “Mate those contracts are a bloody rip off!”

It’s obvious that Naughty Dog will have to make changes when developing Uncharted 4 because they need to keep moving forward. However, I do hope that this is not at the expense of the humor side of things because there are already far too many serious games out there.

Uncharted 4 March unveil misguided – There have been some recent rumors suggesting that we could see Uncharted 4 unveiled at Game Connection later this month because of the fact that the event is to be held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, as well as Sony being there as well.

However, this is highly unlikely because Naughty Dog was at the event last year, but when looking at the Game Connection attendees list, they do not appear on it this year.

Going back to the main subject, would you like to see Uncharted 4 continue with the same kind of humor as Uncharted 3?

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  • Govind

    Nate: “It’s uh LONGHIDDEN”
    Sully: “WHAT???”
    My favorite quotes.

  • WalterNeff

    “Last year’s model” and “Clowns?” are my favorite Uncharted quotes

  • John

    The problem is and I tweeted a response about the sexual humor, “depends how drunk he is” that is engaging to the mantra of our whispy protagonist.
    However with Sully it’s like making jokes with your dad. the humor is only good when it is like “four score and ninety years ago I conquered asia,” then Nate would be like “I think you mean fourty score ago” or something. I don’t joke much with my dad like I do my friends this takes me out of the experience somewhat. as far as UC3 goes you are missing the point entirely, it is not so much the story as it is the gameplay that lost people. this was due to people leaving the front-end development team and going to Santa Monica and other places. the game was rushed (hard to think it was possible considering it took so little time for them to oush out UC2). the glitches were worse and more frequent than UC2 the MP had many problems (including matching-up against people on your Blocklist). simple things could have made the game better that took little effort and ND didn’t even make the changes post-release. instead they said we are done supporting the game, introduced micro-transactions, then said oh yeah you guys the “beta” is now over.

    if SP, is your main concern Amy Henning is now gone and that just tanks a bunch of story potential. I really want to see the game take us underwater for this installment, give Drake gills I mean he fights Nazi zombies and “shades” what would be so hard about that? the water can be magic so it has zero resistance to bullets. Iwant Drake to ride in on a Great White holding a scantily clad Chloe and say “I thought the pearl of wisdom would be easy to find in something as small as the ocean.” is that really too much to ask? davy Jones is your bad guy and ultimately Drake has to resist the Mermaids and Sirens of the sea. Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis.

  • Michael

    Uncharted 4 can’t get here any faster