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Popcorn Time app down for good

Earlier this week we told you about the Popcorn Time app that was offering free movies with no hidden catch. It was a service that gained immense popularity, but at the same time asked the inevitable questions on whether it was legal.

We have seen plenty of feedback for the app, including heavy demand to see Popcorn Time for iPad. However, we can confirm that this will not be happening as in the last few hours, Popcorn Time has in fact met its premature end.

Popcorn Time is down and will be closing its doors for good. It seems that unlike Flappy Bird, there will not be a glorious return so if you wondering why you are seeing a Popcorn Time ‘please wait’ message upon startup, it’s because the servers have gone offline.


The confirmation has been made in a statement over at Medium. The main ‘mascot’ for the Popcorn Time Pochocl√≠n has left a lengthy explanation for the reasons why Popcorn Time is down and is closed – it’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time to read through the whole thing, regardless of how you felt about the app.

Piracy will of course will go on as well as the debate on how to combat it effectively. Apps such as Cartoon HD and Popcorn Time may have closed early, but you just know that another similar one will come along – it’s a matter of time given the current state of piracy at the moment and given the fact that it simply can’t be avoided.

Have you had experience with the Popcorn Time app? Give us your reaction to the fact that it is no longer available.



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