Watch Dogs graphics debate from game dev

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2014

Watch Dogs is set to be one of the biggest game releases of the year, for all platforms. Ubisoft’s game has generated a lot of extra interest since its reemergence a week ago, notably though on a potential change to the graphics which has now prompted the attention of one notable games developer.

As most of you are probably well aware, the game has come in for some criticism after gamers had noticed some changes from Watch Dogs in 2012 during the original reveal, to Watch Dogs in its 2014 form after Ubisoft unleashed a new story trailer.

While Ubisoft has maintained that the game’s graphics hasn’t changed at all and would be a ‘ridiculous’ thing to even consider, Cliff Bleszinski has chimed in with his own thoughts on the possible change and there’s some very interesting quotes to read from him, to say the least.

Some say that Watch Dogs has basically been downgraded since the last time we saw the game. Surprisingly, it appears that Cliff agrees with the gaming community on this point, as he states below on Twitter:

The Unreal Tournament and Gears of War design director didn’t stop there though, even going as far to admit that it isn’t good for developers to be holding on to last-gen, as it limits the capabilities of what the PS4 and Xbox One consoles can do.

These words are going to hit home with many gamers we feel, but it will be interesting to hear what Ubisoft thinks of them considering they are still adamant that Watch Dogs hasn’t received a downgrade.

Somehow we feel that this isn’t over yet. If you are still on the fence on this Watch Dogs downgrade debate, let us know your thoughts on the comments from Cliff Bleszinski – do you agree with him 100% on this occasion?

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  • Stinky Buttface

    LOL I’m going to pirate this now for sure.

  • SomeRandomDude1

    It’ll be fine on pc 😀 Plus if not, There’s always ENB.

  • vahe k

    I think the games gonna be fine. And hey,of course they have to downgrade it and that is because so the PS3 ,Xbox 360 can handle it there’s a reason that it is better on next gen BECAUSE ITS NEXT GENERATION

  • Xavier Grey

    Everybody was saying that AC4 was going to look bad on PS4, but look what happened. It had the same exact quality as PC except for a bit of AA that was shaved off. I suspect that Watch Dogs will be the same except for some highly unnoticeable jaggies that honestly don’t change the quality. I suspect the same of inFAMOUS: Second Son as well (except that it doesn’t come out on PC). I obviously don’t think they will look as great as the touched up non-realtime E3 trailers, but that goes for PC as well. You should expect something very close to the best looking realtime gameplay video. It’s not like it’s the first time people have been starting conspiracies about game quality. Media and consumers like to mess with themselves all the time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing new. The game will look fine.

  • Luke Sacco

    The only reason it looks different in the story trailer is because they decided to create said trailer on the PS4 Development Kit, when all the others were from the PC build. Ubisoft has stated on multiple occations that this is the case, and that the graphics from the PC version are the same as they were in the earlier trailers. The graphics will ALWAYS be downgraded on consoles, next gen or otherwise. Sure it would run better if you only focused on one console, but even then the designers are limited on their maximum performance the game can achieve. I’m pretty sure everyone but the PC Master Race is about to get the shaft from this game in terms of graphic fidelity, so be prepared.

  • Andrew

    I agree 100% What’s the point of getting a ps4 if graphics are going to be held back to regulate or down their working activity for older consoles or other consoles. It probably would look 100 % better if it was supported with one console in mind aka for me the ps4 and one type of technology specific to work with; instead they are complicating their situation. At least in my opinion.

    • Carlos

      obviously because the experience is going to be better graphically, audio wise, and physics wise. Just not at their full potential. That’s why games like the Division will show how bad ass next gen will be. Next gen only games won’t be held back by last gen. Jeez if some people would use common sense on here.

      • Andrew

        agreed If it’s for Next Gen ONLY, BUT if companies like Ubisoft etc. keep doing this then very few of the main next Gen games Only that may not be what everyone wants. So where is your “common sense now? This conversation is about Watch Dogs and how it has so many people Captured by what was supposed to be greatness and sort of crushed them down. That’s the point, keep letting stuff slide then we get burned. Also for The Devision? it hasn’t even come out yet! man I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on that train Just yet. ( Again don’t forget this is about graphics we are talking about here). We don’t know how the graphics will be with that either.

        Only thing I am trying to do in this “debate lets call it” is making sure or help lead direction for developers to realize we are paying for all this stuff we don’t want to be lied to or b.s’d.

  • Kilson

    If next gen games are holding back for previous gen. Why bother upgrading at all.

    • Carlos

      Maybe because they’ll stop making games for last gen next year.Then you will have to upgrade by then.

    • Noon

      Dumbazz… because they only makes cross gen games the first couple of years until the latest gen gets its sales up to par

  • The more recent trailers look less detailed to me as well. That said, the trailers didn’t do Assassin’s Creed Black Flag justice. The trailers don’t hold a candle to seeing it in person in my opinion on PS4. Either way, I look forward to playing Watch Dogs, am excited about the story line and flexibility of the game.

    • NgTurbo

      Yep, graphics are not the be all and end all of a game.. although I can understand the concern.