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Popcorn Time app download asking for trouble

After the saga involving Cartoon HD on iPhone and Android, it looks like another similar service has arrived, this time for desktop use. An app called Popcorn Time is available to download for PC, Mac and Linux, claiming to offer a service similar to Netflix, but for free and without advertising.

It sounds very dubious and it looks like questions such as “Is Popcorn Time illegal?” are immediately going to be raised. At the moment it is free and the creators have said that they are not breaking any laws by offering a service that simply ‘curates’ movie files that are already available via other locations.

There’s also no advertising of any kind when you open the app and it does appear to be a ‘dream’ way to watch movies for free online. As we all know though, this is a grey area and we wouldn’t be surprised if Popcorn Time goes down sooner rather than later.

For those asking, there is no Popcorn Time app for iPad, iPhone and Android at the moment – it’s strictly desktop only at the moment and looks like it is still open for business at the time of writing.

Impressive library, but at what cost?
Impressive library, but at what cost?

As you can expect, users are treating this app with skepticism, although others are obviously secretly delighted that this easy solution appears to be available, without any catches.

Discussions are running wild on whether Popcorn Time is actually safe to use, regardless of the legal debate that is obviously at the forefront.

Let us know if you have seen this app online and your thoughts and reactions to how easy it is to stream movies for free.



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