Pokemon X and Y Darkrai event with Phantom Force

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2014

We have some exciting Pokemon X and Y news to bring you now, especially to those who are patiently waiting for new Pokemon X and Y events to take place. We now have confirmation that a special Darkrai is coming to Pokemon X and Y, along with a moveset that allows Darkrai to learn Phantom Force.

We are still waiting for official information on Volcanion and Hoopa after the confirmation of Diancie, but it looks like more Pokemon X and Y events are coming thick and fast.

Over in Japan, we now know that a special Darkrai is up for grabs to those that pre-order tickets for The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie movie before July 19th. If you get a ticket, you will receive a serial code which can be used to obtain Darkrai.

We can tell you that this Darkrai will be level 50 and will come enclosed inside a dusk ball. It will learn the moves Dark Void, Dark Pulse and Dream Eater, but also the new ability Phantom Force which is brand new to Darkrai.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation yet on a possible Pokemon X and Y Darkrai event release for US and UK Pokemon fans. Hopefully Game Freak will extend the invite though as we can imagine many of you would love to get your hands on any event Pokemon – especially Darkrai a Dark Legendary type.

Don’t forget that Phantom Force is also a move that never misses its target, so it is going to make Darkrai very powerful indeed.

Let us know your thoughts on this and your hopes on this Darkrai coming to US and UK – do you think it will happen or not?

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  • Red

    So cool

  • Blue

    I was just playing battle spot and this trainer already had it

  • connor everson

    what is the serial code.

  • Jeremy

    If Darkrai is a pre-order bonus for the upcoming movie, then I doubt it will happen in the States since the Pokémon movies are direct-to-video these days.

  • king

    i live in netherlands i know that we wont be getting this

    • imrail

      I was in the Game Mania this morning and the manager told me about a future pokemon we could get from Nintendo Zones!

    • pokemasterdruart

      well I too live in the netherlands and I agree with king I’m almost perfectly certain that we won’t get it and if we get it that almost nobody knows about it

  • Dark diamond


  • Dark diamond

    I really like dark rain it’s my fav pokemon but I live in aus so I hope it comes here to
    Anyway yeah I really do hope game freak extends the invit to AUS, US and the UK.