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Official 2014 F1 app for news and timing results

The 2014 F1 season is now underway and with the second practice session finished gives us an early indication as to how the grid will shape up for tomorrow’s 2014 Australian F1 qualifying session. If you are at work and don’t have access to a TV or radio and are eager to learn the latest news and timing results, then there is another way.

While looking on the Google Play and App Store we came across the Official F1 App, and while this is nothing new, what is new is the fact that both Android and iOS versions of this app have now been updated with some new features.

Some of the main Official F1 App features – are leaderboard, sector and lap times, session commentary throughout the season, an all-new interface, latest news, team radio transmissions, live information on tyres, and so much more.

There are several apps of this time in the App Store and Google Play Store, but the Official F1 App is spot on with its features, the ability to listen to team radios is very insightful, unless it is the Ferrari team, as they always talk to drivers in Italian.

While the app itself is free, to gain access to some of those extra features we mentioned above you will need to pay £7.49, this isn’t bad considering you would have had to pay around £29 last year.



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