iOS 7.1 crashes iPhone 5S in thousands

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 14, 2014

We are not surprised hearing users report iOS 7.1 crashes the iPhone 5S, 4S, iPad, and other devices even when these reports come in their thousands. When you got problems with battery life draining or freezing, then it’s understandable if you want action and seeing hundreds or thousands of issues might make you feel like this should warrant a statement by Apple.

The fact is, this is a tiny number compared to the millions of people that installed the iOS 7.1 update right away within the last 4 days of that new software going live. We heard about battery life getting better for some people after they shared messages on Twitter, although these positive tweets were joined by other errors that some don’t expect when installing new updates.


Software vs. hardware issues – some iOS 7.1 problems will never be explained after many can be fixed with a simple clean install and then a restore, or at the very least you can narrow issues down if all works fine after a clean install then you have problems with iOS 7.1 after restoring a backup.

There is a possibility that a hardware fault occurred around the same time as updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7.1, although in our experience it is almost always a software issue that can be proven with a clean install.

Reports of issues increase after every update and this is especially the case on Apple’s own discussions forum. In the last few days these have ranged from APN issues, iPhone 5 apps not loading to the full screen, charging issues with the iPhone 5S after upgrading to iOS 7.1, a blank contacts list, and iMessage problems. This is a taste of hundreds of different problems being reported, but funny enough this is the norm after most updates.

iOS 7.1 crashes iPhone 5S – one report we have seen repeated a lot after the iOS 7.1 update is crashing of iPhones and even iPads. One Product Reviews reader stated, “I just updated to iOS 7.1 and now my iPhone 5S is glitchy, slow and crashes once in a while, I see a lot of other similar comments in Apple’s forums”.

We also can confirm that there’s a lot of reports in online forums and Apple’s own forum about the crashing with iOS 7.1 on the iPhone 5S along with 4S. “iOS 7.1 crashes my iPhone 5S and freezes it randomly”, said one commenter along with another in Apple’s forums stating “iOS 7.1 crashes my iPhone5S all the time”. We could list hundreds of comments, but they are all very similar and some people have even followed up explaining they fixed the crashing issues after a clean install.

We are yet to see anyone state that their issue was hardware related, although in most cases this would seem obvious if it happened right after the iOS 7.1 update.

Have you had any iOS 7.1 crashes on your iPhone 5S or other model? If not, was the install clean and simple or do you have some sort of problem?

Leave a comment below detailing any problems you have, but at the same time remember there’s millions of people updating to iOS 7.1 and while there will be bugs, the number of reports are normal for major software updates. Of course, this doesn’t make you feel better when you’re the one having issues.

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  • Inkymycat

    My iPhone 4s locks up and does random reboots several times a day after installing ios 7.1. My ipad 4 from what I can tell does not have a problem with ios 7.1

  • Melissa

    My iPhone 5 and iPad 4 crashed after the iOS 7.1. Neither would turn back on after being charged overnight or doing a hard restart. I tried everything I could but still nothing.

    Thankfully I had 6 days left on my phone warrantee. The $750 iPad is now a useless paperweight. The warrantee for the iPad was in Dec so the only option I could do would be to have Apple fix it for $250.00.

    Apple is crap.

  • Katy

    Had my iphone 5 for 16 months with no problems. Updated to OS 7 and now it crashes at least 10 times a day, the screen goes black with faint pink lines then switches off and then switches on to the apple sign about 4 times then switches on. Got it into dfu mode then did a complete clean reset and it still has the same issue. It must be os 7 apple what are you doing releasing an update that obviously isn’t ready for use!!!!

  • Mubashir

    Unable to download or update any software of my iPhone 5s. every time “Unable to download app” msg appeared.

    • Christian Kustomz

      Same here. I have tried 20+ times and spent over 6 hours with worthless Apple reps who don’t know their butt from a hole in the wall. I’m getting rid of my iPhone 5s. Apple used to be a good company but they have sold themselves out to the corporate world of demand. Instead of building a solid trust worthy product like they used to free of glitches and problems…they simply rush the product without fully testing it and screwing the consumer like every other corporate giant. They no longer care about quality or their customers. So I’m done with Apple and their products.

  • Reza

    I have crash problem with my iPhone 5s after I updated my iOS to 7.1.
    I tried to restore it several times but no result,

  • Beshar

    A few days after the iOS 7.1 update my iphone 5s suddenly didn’t remember any of the stored fingerprints, I had to reinstall them. Also, my phone seems to be a bit slower. I noticed that when unlocking the phone and afterwards opening an app, the phone does not respond as quick as it used to, and instead sometimes makes me double-click an app because it did not respond to the first click. Crashes and freezes don’t happen often, but they do happen sometimes. Before 7.1 I never experienced a crash or freeze with my 5s. I hope these issues will get solved.

  • Wish_upon_a_Staar

    I got the 5s and have never had a problem, but now with the 7.1 my phone has the blue screen of death and keeps rebooting

  • Annelisa

    after the 7.1 update the battery got drained. My iphone 4 shutdown and could not switch back on. went to repairs and it was declared irreparable. now its just stuck on recovery mode with an error

  • Lamar

    Phone keeps freezing

  • Amanda

    Just had a device swap from an iPhone 5 to a 5s. The 5 battery was shot – would die at 40%. So they took it and upgraded me to a 5s. Battery life is fine – but it didn’t restore properly and crashes 4-5/day. Super

  • guest

    My 4S goes down at about 40% battery capacity, claiming no battery power remains.

  • nable

    My iPhone 4S freezes regularly during phone calls. The phone call continues fine and I can complete the call. But the screen is frozen during and after the call is completed.
    The only fix is then to reset the phone by simultaneously pressing the power and home buttons for a few seconds.
    Currently freezes in this way at least once per day.
    Not good.
    I have had the phone for 2 years and this is the first problem I have had.
    Clearly iOS 7.1 is buggy and needs a patch release asap.
    I am due to get a new phone and so Apple’s behaviour now will influence my choice of replacement.

  • Saeroise

    My ipad keeps randomly closing and opening having lost everything i was doing. It Never did that before the update. Even when i’m only skipping throught some music. I’m so not happy right now…

  • Tisha

    My iPhone 4s crashed the day after I updated it with the new iOS 7.1. It just turned off out of no where, won’t turn back on, and won’t even charge. It literally crashed!!

  • Don

    Facebook keeps crashing on my ipad after the ios 7.1 update

  • Nicole

    battery life its terrible now, my imessages won’t send, apps have been closing on their own and my phone is always glitchy and freezing!!

  • Kate

    Immediately after the update, I lost my custom sounds, i.e. the swoosh for sending mail and texts, the ding for incoming texts, etc. I do still have a phone ring for in coming calls. But for everything else, it just vibrates. I checked all settings and nothing has changed. If I power down and immediately send a text or email, I get the swoosh sound. Any additional emails or texts get just get vibrates.

  • Gman

    WIFI keeps dropping since update. Can not use phone outside of 3 g IPhone 4 s

  • heatherd

    Since I updated to ios7.1 the battery on my 4s is overheating and draining at top speed. I have also lost access to WiFi. Tried Apples online diagnostics. Nothing! Am going to dig out my old phone and get rid of the iphone as soon as my contract expires. Never again!

  • Ballzy

    It crashed my iphone 5S. Kept going dead, did a fresh restore and complete new download. Still bad, Apple replaced my 5S with a new one. All is fine on the new one. I would use 7.1 as an opportunity to clean out all the garbage apps you dont use. “de-clutter” if you will.

  • Onder Keles

    .My Iphone also crashing and after blue screen rebooting itself after new update 7.1

  • nckrey

    Man. My android is working great.

  • trangkae

    phone crashes, contacts gone, disappeared yesterday, tried the usual to get them back, nothing works.

  • Lauren

    I updated the apps and they’re working now. I feel dumb for not trying that to begin with… 😀

  • Lauren

    A handfull of downloaded apps (the vault, instagram, twitter, chrome, pocket, pinterest, to name a few) on my iPhone 5 will crash immediately after opening. Other apps have no problem (such as facebook, waze, skype, nest, day one, weatherbug). I’ve tried doing a hard reset and they still do the same thing. This sucks!

  • J-A

    My iphone 5s is freezing like crazy !

  • Jaclyn

    iPhone 5s won’t turn on and when it does (after i click the power button 100+ times) its usually frozen

  • Neri Casados Franco

    My iPhone 4S started crashing after installing iOS 7.1. The funny part is that this didn’t happen with iOS 7.0.6…

  • ChristeneandDavid Ashlock

    My iPhone 4 screen went black while installing this update, now what????

  • JessJay

    my iphone 5s wont turn on. awesome!

  • Neil

    My iPhone 5S started crashing a week before the iOS 7.1 update. It developed the ‘blue screen of death’ and kept on crashing and rebooting itself. After 4 days, I did a full restore and set it up as a new device. All seemed to be okay for 3 days then it started doing it again. After 2 days of more crashes, I yet again did a full restore and set it up as a new device. I then did the iOS 7.1 update, however this did NOT stop it from crashing so I phoned Apple. After doing a diagnostics check, they concluded that my iPhone 5S has a hardware issue. I am now awaiting the delivery of a new iPhone 5S.

  • annoyed

    my ipod touch 5 keeps freezing and now it wont turn on or off! its just a black screen! im so annoyed! :X

  • Tim

    My 5s freezes when I press the record button, I have to restart it to gain functionality back. That is the only time it freezes is when I try to video, it take photos fine. This wasn’t an issue before the update.

  • Anthony

    My 5s crashed during iOS 7.1 update, had to re-install all the software from scratch and recover my phone through iTunes but it crashes every couple of hours and will attempt to restart 3 or 4 times before actually starting up again. I will not be updating my iPad until there a new update.

    • coby the helper

      a really good way is to go to your carrier and tell tem your situation if that hapoens and they say no turn off your phone for 24 hours straight then its should work go to apple store for back up probally will help

  • Stephanie

    The apps on my 4s don’t load all the way. If I open a downloaded app like Facebook, it starts to load, and then immediately goes back to the home screen.

    • coby

      that’s how mine is stephainie but connect to the internet then it should probally work because I had iphone 5s just got it for Christmas and when I downloaded ios 7.1 it done everything correctly intill my apps wouldn’t download all the way and say unavailable to download try again so that’s when I left somewhere and came back to my house because it said my phone coudnt connec afteri put in my wifi code 5 times after that it was working just fine so good luck

  • Peter

    I couldn’t connect my iphone 5 to my itunes until I restarted in like 5 times. What the hell is this update -__-

  • Bob

    Theres a lag in imessage too. It’s all shaky -____-

  • Adri

    My iphone 5s ‘s immessage wont work… Regardless if i use wifi, 3g or lte ….. Fix this

  • Pam

    My iPhone 5s can’t open a bunch of apps, such as Facebook, open table, Pinterest. Others are fine.

  • Dels

    My 5s has frozen & showing iTunes update screen but iTunes doesn’t recognise the phone & is asking me to restore the phone grrrrr does anyone know if this will fix it ?

  • Jen

    My iPad won’t open Facebook after the new update yesterday.

  • ciara

    my phone shut off while it was updating now it wont turn on but the siri is working. im really mad about this update my phone wont restart or anything!

  • Zyrus Johan

    After installing iOS 7.1 in my iPhone 5S, it’s stuck in the “Connect to Itunes” Screen. -__- I also updated my iPad 4, it installed successfully.

  • Gene Cornett

    after installing the update this morning my iphone5s is now stuck in restore mode. I tried restarting my computer. I do have the latest version of itunes. I have not yet tried a different cable to sync with nor have i tried using the phone with a different computer, which are there other recommendations so far. I had no previous problems.

  • Kenny

    I had put a new software install on my iPhone 4S. My 4S used to be jailbroken on iOS 7.0.6 but I could not deal with the constant crashing of Instagram while trying to upload photos and other apps that use cameras. I had installed the update with iTunes and then my phone crashed constantly. So I put my phone on a hard restore and a fresh software it’s fine.

  • SifSif

    i have “invisinble fingers” touching on my screen. like on the keyboard, when my fingers are on the left side of the keyboards, characters from the right side of the keyboards will be typed in. or if im pinching for zooming it will zoomed in to other parts.

  • flozza111

    Mine crashed before it even fully installed. Now it’s stuck on a black screen saying connect to iTunes but when I do it says Error (12) Update cannot be installed! I’m now using a temporary Pay as you go till my phone gets fixed! 🙁

  • Annie

    after my installl (clean) on my iPad, Facebook crashes the second I open it.

  • Drew

    ios 7.1 is crashing my iPhone 4 and some of my apps are not functioning since the update.

  • Emma

    I have an iPad Mini 2 and after installing via Wifi, it required me to plug it into my laptop and itunes to which it “had” to restore everything and now I have lost so much stuff. Annoyed doesnt come close to it. Apple can be a load of crap!

  • Sia Ming Choung 谢明将

    I have just updated iphone 5s. this morning… the ios. update. n it shows me an icon of itunes…. asked me to reformat the phone. .DAMN. why ?/ i just wanna update and it comes out with such problem. Now all my photos are gone. … Any better way to retrieve the precious photos?

  • Newcastle

    I have an iPhone 5s and it has been randomly hanging since the 7.1 update. It happens about once a day and the phone will just freeze for a few minutes. Then it comes back to life as though nothing had happened. Beyond the random freezing it is working just fine.

  • tumee

    Me too, after updating my 5s to 7.1, app launching speed is lil bit slower than previous version, there is a sec delay in opening or closing apps. Entirely, phone is slower!

    • Marty1235

      I have exactly the same problem as you have. I assume you did not have this problem on 7.0.6? Thanks!

  • Charlie

    I’ve updated my phone and now it will not charge 🙁 It will charge until 4% and then stops and quite clearly dies quickly. : /

  • Bobby

    I updated my 5c to 7.1 and now my phone keeps freezing and blinking,and if goes on like this for 20 min at a time

  • Dillon

    Updated my iPhone 5s and now when I unlock my phone there is a flash of white light in the side of the phone.
    Can anybody help?

  • Susi Moore

    Same here Anna , I connected to PC to download a pic, it updated itself, now my screen is frozen with the ‘connect to iTunes ‘, have done so and restored my phone 3 times, the screen is frozen solid, nothing budges it. Went to Apple in the city (without making an appt- no time) NO-ONE would help and I was advised to make an appointment and come back when one was available- very funny APPLE!!!

    • Bobby

      If you have a peachmac in your area I would advise going to one of them way faster then Apple and they will replace the phone

      • Susi Moore

        Thanks for the info, looked them up and sound good, I live in Western Australia……so not possible. Thanks anyway.

  • Anna

    Just updated to 7.1 and now my phone won’t turn on. Connect to iTunes screen comes up so I guess I have to run the restore. 🙁

    • Susi Moore

      Have you had any luck restoring your phone?

  • Tom

    I have an iPhone 5 and after the update I have no sounds, no ring tone, no text alert sound, just vibrate. I have checked the switch on the side (duh) restarted the phone, I took it to Verizon, who checked everything they could think of and no luck, I downloaded the software from iTunes, nothing has helped, I still have no sounds and do NOT want to have to pay for the tech services or for a new phone because of doing nothing wrong simply doing Apple’s update into their product

  • Theresa

    Did update 2 days ago and now iMessage is not working. Orange/ee get this sorted. We do not pay all this money to hear that glitches are standard when you do updates. Aren’t the updates supposed to prove your phone not make it useless. Seriously disappointed!!!! Theresa

  • Simon

    Just updated my 4S to 7.1 and straight away facebook & twitter wont work. Tried re-booting several times but no luck. Is there any way of going back to 7.0 ??

    • Shannon

      The exact same thing happened to me, I updated my 4s and now facebook and vine keep crashing. I even tried resetting my phone to a previous version off of itunes and it didn’t work. This is ridiculous…