InFamous Second Son graphics from animation

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2014

Are you pumped up for the release of InFamous Second Son? Xbox One owners may be enjoying Titanfall exclusively right now, but PS4 owners will soon have their own exclusive title to enjoy with the brand new game in the exciting series.

The official InFamous Second Son release date is March 21, but earlier this week, we told you that some lucky gamers had already managed to get the game early.

As a result, PS4 users have inevitably been using Sony’s own PS4 Share button to dish the dirt on the game early and give everyone a preview of what to expect. As far as we’re aware, all of the InFamous Second Son gameplay footage has been taken down, but Sony are allowing screenshots to be shared without removing them.

What we wanted to show you though, is a rather awesome animation that is doing the rounds via social spaces at the moment. If you wanted to get an early idea of true InFamous Second Son graphics in-game without cutscenes, just take a look at the following animation:

Looks fun!

Don’t forget that InFamous Second Son will be 30FPS, but at a 1080p native resolution at launch. It obviously would have been nice if this was a 60FPS game, but you can also see from the animation that gameplay is still looking very impressive indeed.

We will talk about the PS4 Share button debate in detail at another point, but are you surprised that some gamers have managed to get the game, a week early?

Then again it always happens and it does mean that we can share awesome animations like this to you, before the release date.

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  • boo

    will this be getting brought out for xbox 360 does anyone know

    • MeriMakr8298

      Infamous has been a Play Station exclusive for the run of the series. It is doubtful this will ever be ported to PC or Xbox or Wii (though I am not sure if Steam will ever have it since I don’t really understand their business model). Sorry.

  • MeriMakr8298

    I am buying this game. Not the PS$, er PS4, but I want this game.

    • dudewhatiswrongwithyou

      then why buy it?

      • MeriMakr8298

        Two words: Cole McGrath.

        His bridge story is only in the Pre-registered versions of the game.

        • Shadow

          I think dude meant, why buy the game if you’re not buying a PS$, er PS4? You won’t be able to play the game without the console.