Bing Image Match plays catch-up with Google untrue

Google Search by Images has been around for almost three years now and in that time Bing users couldn’t understand why Microsoft were slow in offering the same fort of service. However, better late than never, Bing finally has its own version, although that is what Engadget would have you believe.

Bing Image Match – is very similar to Google Search by Images, but rather than dragging an image into the search box, you have to use the Image Match button instead. This will then display different image size options.

Engadget reports that this service is a bit late to the party, but it has been around for years, longer than Google in fact. We would also like to point out that this is different to Google’s service because this looks for similar images that have already been found.

Some people have commented by saying that Bing is playing catch-up to Google, but this is not the case, Bing was using image scroll search long before Google, which at the time only offered page-by-page search.

Having said that, it is still good to have competition because it makes each search engines all the better for it.



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