Titanfall aimbot hacks cheats community

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2014

You may find this hard to believe but Titanfall has only been out for a few days with Titanfall hacks and cheats already in circulation. Respawn are already on the case though, ensuring those of you who are feeling cheated with your purchase a stress free environment once Respawn takes action.

It’s pretty amazing how fast these hackers can get to work. We knew deep down that Titanfall hacks would come eventually with such a high profile launch, but we didn’t think we would be talking about this subject just days after the global launch.

Do a search online and it won’t take you long to find out that certain users are already downloading Titanfall hacks such as an aimbot pistol and other nasty tools such as a Titanfall triggerbot and warning system.

It’s nice to see that Respawn are monitoring the situation though as you can see in the Tweet below. The developer promises that they will be ‘rooted out’ soon, but with these Titanfall cheats now freely online and available for all to download – does it spell a worrying future for the PC version?

Fortunately there is no evidence that Titanfall hacks on Xbox 360 and Xbox One are available yet, so this is only affecting those with the PC version.

Again though, it is pretty scary to think that a game can be ruined in just a few days after launch – just see the video below as evidence.

Give us your reaction to the fact that Titanfall cheats are already in circulation – do you feel cheated for buying the game on Origin to be subject to hacked games already?

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  • mike

    Oh.. All along I thought I really suck playing at titanfall… lol and I saw 1 player that is already G9 … I was like omg prestige 9 in just a few days of release?

  • Phill Watson

    Is there a hack to make it less repetitive?

  • Richie Ace

    I hope they get perma banned

  • Tweedskin

    Oh and include a video telling users how to install an aimbot….nice work…..!

  • William D.

    You know, Steam VAC has prevented tons of cheaters in the games I play. So maybe Origins and its anti-cheat (or lack thereof) are at blame, not the PC?

    • Micheal Martin

      Actually William, the Anti-Cheat for Titanfall is not run by EA/Origin. Respawn Entertainment has full control over it, and the Anti-Cheat they use is a lot less intrusive as Steams VAC, or Battlefields Punkbuster.

      And for Respawn to be already on the case this early in the launch of the game, show the dedication to keeping the play field even, and free of cheats even if it takes them a few hours or days in order to remove them from the game. Unlike VAC, that uses a monthly log to parse and ban cheaters.

      • William D.

        Thank you for the clarification! It is refreshing to know they’re on it already, but I have a feeling as the game gets larger, they’ll have to, for practicality’s sake, resort to logs or something.