Nexus 8 Android 4.5, Nexus 7 2014 axed rumors

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2014

With Samsung making the first move of 2014 in both the phone and tablet markets with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro launches, some consumers are surely wondering when Google plans to make their own announcements with regards to upcoming 2014 Nexus 10, Nexus 7 and Nexus 8 tablet launches.

Google are becoming infamous for their secrecy of course, highlighted in the fact that we are still no clearer to knowing if an Nexus 10 2014 tablet even exists anymore. Rumors meanwhile have suggested that the Nexus 8 could be the first tablet to release from the company this year, although it may come at the expense of the Nexus 7.

Back in February, we spoke about the possibility of the Nexus 8 being Google’s preferred size of choice and that it could even mean a discontinuation for the Nexus 7 – at the time we said it may not happen, but now further whispers are suggesting that the Nexus 8 could definitely be replacing the Nexus 7.

An article published by PhonesArena corroborates this fact, highlighting a Nexus 8 in the pipeline that will be powered by Android 4.5 ‘Lollipop’. Perhaps more importantly though, we hear rumors that the Nexus 8 processor could involve Intel’s latest technology – that being the Intel Moorefield Z35XX chip.

Are you getting excited about Google's 2014 product reveals?

Are you getting excited about Google’s 2014 product reveals?

This chip is based on a 64-bit quad-core architecture and will feature PowerVR G6430 graphics, providing Android owners with graphics that are once again a step-up from the current Adreno GPU that powers most Android phones and tablets at the moment.

There’s also talk on an Nexus 8 LTE version that could also be powered by Moorefield technology, this time a Moorefield XMM7260 chip which features a 4G modem.

While this information on a state of the art Nexus 8 is exciting, does it still worry you that it could mean the end of a Nexus 7 model in 2014? It would seem a very strange move considering the success of the last model, which is still one of the best selling tablets on the market by the way at $230.

Why not release Nexus 7 and 8 models with the new Intel chips and Android 4.5? Give us your thoughts on this and whether you think Google will go through with it or not.

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  • ninyamin

    Yes first comment. Yes I think that Google should stop making the nexus 7 for several reasons. 1) there is not a huge difference between 7 and 8 inches if they are both nexi. 2) because that will cause the nexus 8 to go up in price from $230 while the nexus 7 takes the $230 price tag

    • Alan W

      Oh, please! The N7 is a benchmark. It is Googles lucky 7. However, I personally think an external handset should be designed and included to improve the N7’s unique ability to be a phone, and the handset removes all doubt that a broadband telephone is worthwhile. The N7 can sit flat or in the briefcase and the handset can receive and transmit calls. A little Velcro here and there could hold it close and also prevent scratches, and…..all of senior citizens will save big time over cell bills and let the big screen show numbers beyond what one’s heart could ask for.

      • the milkman

        Wait….. What?