Darks Souls 2 PC Vs console worth the wait

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2014

Dark Souls 2 may have been unleashed on console, but it’s no secret that many gamers are instead waiting for the PC version which has been delayed. The wait is going to be well worth it, especially after some refreshing comments from the developers who promise that enhanced visuals are on the way.

Dark Souls was an awesome game and it looks like the sequel is going to be fantastic as well judging by the early feedback. There was inevitable skepticism when it was confirmed that no Dark Souls 2 PS4 or Xbox One versions were coming at launch, but it looks like that has now been quickly forgotten about with the install base on last-gen still as healthy as ever.

Now, as we look ahead to the Dark Souls 2 PC release date on April 25, we have some great quotes to share from series producer Tak Miyazoe. When speaking to GamerhubTV recently, he gave PC owners exactly what they wanted to hear by saying:

“We apologize for the delay, but we did spend time working on the PC version, making sure that we do attend to higher resolutions, higher framerates, and also keyboard mapping most controls”

Just in case you needed the final clarification, the developers have put extra care into the PC version, essentially confirming its status as lead platform. The Darks Souls 2 graphics on PS3 and Xbox 360 have already been the subject of debate among communities, but hopefully it looks like this will be a none issue on PC with the enhanced visuals as suggested above.

We know some of you are unhappy that console gamers have had the change to play Dark Souls 2 first, but we think moods will soon change once we start seeing accurate Darks Souls 2 PC vs PS3 and Xbox 360 footage.

If you are waiting for the PC version, let us know how you are feeling right now. Are you more than happy to wait until April 25 if it means better graphics in all areas?

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  • Beardjoe

    “I play soul games because of the graphics”
    This is the only place I have seen this.

  • Grandpa Phoenix

    Darks soul 2 isnt going to have Games for windows live is it? because I just bought Dark Souls and GWL doesnt work so I cant save my game and its basically useless now

  • Demosthenes

    I don’t own a PS3 or an XB360, so I’ll buy the PC version and I’m very happy the developers have made efforts to provide PC gamers with the experience they deserve. But if I owned a console I’d buy the respective version despite the graphics downgrade. This game is superb nonetheless.

  • brett

    “essentially confirming its status as lead platform”. No they are just polishing up the port from the consoles

    • Smalling

      DS2 was developed on PC and ported to consoles dumbass

      • Chewbacca

        Every game is made on a computer. I mean have u ever seen someone programing a game on a console? He is talking that the console version who was made to run on a console engine, is being ported to run on pc.

  • FootInMouthDevs

    Does this mean I should not get for PS3? What a silly, silly comment to make from a commercial perspective. I was going to pick up today on PS3, but KNOWING (rather than just guessing) that the PC version is the REAL game has made me decide to leave it alone.
    Why not say this just prior to PC release so as to not put people like me off buying on PS3 at release and maximising my price paid? Also, it is made even more foolish considering that it is chiefly a Single Player game (although I know that have tacked on some MP) and therefore there will probably be significant piracy with the PC release anyway, thereby reducing sales again. Yes, I do want this game and I do not game on my PC, but I may wait until they release on PS4, if they ever do that, or pick up for $20 on PS3 later on. I mean they could only have made it worse by saying “Deal with it” in closing – sorry Xbone fans, I couldn’t resist.
    The devs’ comments may have been honest, but they was certainly commercially naive. It has cost them at least one sale. I will not pay full price for a game that even the devs say is not as good as it could be. And this is coming from a fool who bought Rambo at release. I knew the previews of Rambo looked pretty dodgy, but I love Rambo. However, if the devs came out prior to release and said the PS3 version was inferior to PC version, I would have waited…which would have saved me coin, because Rambo is an appalling game.

    • Eric

      The PS3 can only do so much. Games on PC will look better 98% of the time regardless of when they release it. So if your platform is PS3, quit complaining, go support an honest, hard working developer, and buy the game. You sound crazy trying to push publishers like namco to go the EA route of screwing us.

    • Raja Torabb

      Pc Piracy? It was available to download for ps3 2 days prior to release on ps3!

    • Demosthenes

      It is not recommended at all playing a pirated copy of this game. It will play an incomplete game and… it is also illegal and inconsiderate.