2014 Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air refresh anticipation

By Peter Chubb - Mar 13, 2014

Apple loves to keep us guessing when it comes to the release of new products, as they never give us an idea of when they will release devices such as a new Mac Mini and MacBook Air. We’re pretty certain that we will see new models for 2014, but the question is when?

The 2014 Mac Mini and MacBook Air refresh are both highly anticipated computers, but which of the two do you think has the highest anticipation levels?

Both have their fans and we have already seen how many Mac Mini fans believe that Apple needs to reduce the size of the Mac Mini, which we have discussed in more details.

It’s all very well looking into this, as well as asking what you expect in terms of specs for the 2014 Mac Mini, but we’d really like to know when it will be released. It’s been more than 500 days since the last refresh, and while this isn’t the longest we’ve had to wait between cycles, it’s still a long time.

2014 Mac Mini vs. MacBook Air

The same can be said for the MacBook Air, because while last year the refreshed model received a Haswell processor, we never got the expected Retina display. Many Air users hope to see a Retina screen this year, although what they would much rather see is an all-new design because the current model is now a few years old – apart from the obvious spec bumps over the years.

While many of you will be very excited at the prospect of a shrunken down Mac Mini for 2014, it is more likely that anticipation levels for a MacBook Air refresh will be higher because it being a more popular product, but what do you think?

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  • Sully

    The air and the mini don’t need a new design, they are fine as they are. The mini needs desperately a better processor and graphic card, keeping the possibility to add ram and change the hard drive yourself would be great.
    The air would maybe need a small processor refresh and better resolution, but certainly not a new design

  • Keneda

    both interest me, but right now i;m looking for portability with high spec, 4k output and retina a must, keeping sd card slot i would like, i think 12.2 inches is a perfect size if they were to ditch the 11 and 13 inch airs, it’ll be easy, just use the 12.2 inch galaxy note 12.2 screens, perfect fit…