Nintendo ‘Quality of Life’ to replace Wii U?

By Matt Tran - Mar 12, 2014

It is no secret that Nintendo’s Wii U is struggling, but would to it be too much to suggest they are already planning to replace it? ‘Quality of Life’ is a mysterious new platform which Nintendo is working on, with a possibility that it could take over from the Wii U early on.

Very little is know about the QOL platform, however Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has hinted that this initiative is separate from their current Wii ventures. Whether or not Quality of Life is created as a games console or all round multimedia device is unclear, although Iwata has said that the keyword with QOL is “Health”.

Fitness and health is a big theme being brought to the table right now, mobile devices and smartwatches are doing it, so Nintendo could be looking to get in on this popular trend. Wii Fit and a variety of other health related games and accessories have all been featured on the Wii and Wii U in the past; Nintendo will need to be trying something bold here.

In a detailed report on Gamestop, it has been suggested that Nintendo would continue 2014 with their Wii U games strategy and look to have QOL ready for next year. Once Quality of Life is completes it will become the forefront of Nintendo’s business and quietly edge the Wii U out of the picture.

This would see QOL and the Nintendo 3DS as the 2 main options for consumers, a risky but potentially rewarding move. It is hard to predict the success of Nintendo replacing the Wii U with Quality of Life because we know so little about it. On the other hand though, things can’t get much worse for the Wii U so any kind of change should help the company’s cause.

Is a new platform with a health focus from Nintendo what they need to replace the Wii U?

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  • me2

    this Author is a moron

  • Ctoan

    More nintendoom huh? Perhaps this author didn’t hear about Iwata saying that the quality of life platform is seperate from their console business and the console business will still be their main focus according to him.