Microsoft Surface Pro 2 update for March 2014

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2014

We have some good news for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 owners, as we can confirm that a new Surface Pro update for March 2014 has just gone live. New features are available, including support Microsoft’s new Surface Power Cover and some good news for Miracast fans too.

If you are thinking of splashing out $199 for the Power Cover to extend Surface Pro 2 battery life by 70%, you’ll first need to install the latest update that is now rolling out.

Additionally, we are hearing that the Pro 2 update will also bring multi-touch support when using the Touch and Type Covers’ touch-pads. While the Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets are also getting an update, two other areas that are exclusive to the Surface Pro 2 address wireless connectivity issues at last.

Finally, there’s also improved performance when using Miracast with the Surface Pro 2 which should make a lot of you happy we expect. One word of warning though as some consumers have already experienced some issues following on from the installation – as highlighted below.

As far as we’re aware though, this isn’t thought to be a widespread issue so see how you get on with your own update.

If you have already installed the new Surface Pro 2 firmware, let us know your experience so far and if you have encountered any problems that you think we should know about.

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  • Laurelin

    I lost my wireless completely on this update. Had to get the Marvel drivers online and get them to my Surface via a USB drive. Microsoft instructions on how to do this had you looking for a non-existant file, but doing a cold-boot worked. Win8 noticed the drivers and installed them. Then I could go on to do the other updates.

  • Kenneth Kane

    Alan, no problems after my 3/11 firmware update. slight improvement noticed (subtle) in wifi connectivity but really didn’t have a problem in that area.

    No plans to buy the S2 with battery keyboard… just spent a hundred on the S2 keyboard 🙂

    Hopeful Microsoft will release CALDAV and other protocols in their metro user interface version of mail and calendar.

    I use outlook 2013 in order to get email and imap folders from my gmail account. The Mail app although visually appealing is dysfunctional. Can’t even access my individual folders (other than the basics inbox, outbox, sent, junk, etc.).

    I use a manual work around that pulls down latest gmail calendar into outlook 2013 with each outlook launch.

    Contacts do NOT sync between outlook 2013 and google contacts/people. Seems that too was broken by Google and Microsoft once again being on opposite ends of the spectrum.

    An earlier point across MANY forums: if their goal is to alienate power users, they’ve succeeded.

    In a world of mobility and seamless access to our information and tools, now is not the time to play like we’re still in 2004. The millennium generation has a very short tolerance for inter-operability failures and will simply move on to the next platform no matter how many hooks there are of a proprietary nature.