Mafia 3 speculation surrounding job advert from developers

2K Czech the developer of Mafia 1 and 2 recently revealed they are working on something new, which is being described as “top secret and super interesting“. This gives us reason to question whether Mafia 3 could be in the pipeline or maybe even a brand new IP.

A job vacancy for their upcoming project has been advertised with rumours suggesting a Louisiana setting could be on the cards and Now Gamer highlights the recruitment of new developers. Because of their background with the popular open-world Mafia series we could be jumping to conclusions here, but we are sure we are not the only ones.

We previously heard rumblings about a possible sequel to the hit series heading to the next-gen consoles, and the job ads involve a Lead Mission Designer, Senior Producer and VFX Artist and a Senior Game-Engine Programmer, all of which mention all console experience.

As the developers aim to push the boundaries of the new hardware, it seems this upcoming title could end up bracing a number of platforms. Therefore, we would love to know whether Mafia 3 on the PS4 and Xbox One is something you would like to experience? Or would you prefer a brand new IP from 2K Czech?



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