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Latest WhatsApp security vulnerability easily avoided

WhatsApp users with an Android device are being warned that they should read an apps permissions before installing because there is a risk that a stranger could gain access to your WhatsApp chat history, and we all know the sort of things people write to each other using the application.

The latest WhatsApp security vulnerability sees third-party Android app developers tricking users into granting access to their message database. This is because all messages are backed up on an SD card and these other apps can gain access to the memory card seeing as though you gave them permission to do so.

With this permission the developer can upload the messages to their personal Web server, which is very worrying indeed. Most of what people write on WhatsApp is innocent, but these conversations are still private.

There is also the issue of fraud because some people choose to share personal details using WhatsApp, something that might make you think twice about now.

A technical consultant has taken an in-depth look into this issue, and he cannot stress enough how important it is to read the apps permission before installing it onto your Android device.



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