GTA V Alien DLC after Hangar 13

By Alan Ng - Mar 12, 2014

Are you still playing GTA V on a regular basis, or are you taking a break from the game until Rockstar finally delivers on GTA V Heists and the first meaningful GTA V DLC expansion?

We told you about the latest Heists rumors here, but now we move on to something potentially more exciting. By now, most of you will have discovered that there is more to Los Santos than meets the eye especially when it comes to alien and extra terrestrial activities.

GTA V UFO locations are hidden in the game and many fans still believe that this part of the game is unanswered. We spoke about the idea of Rockstar turning away from the zombie DLC route in favor of an alien invasion DLC instead, but would you still like to see this happen?

We see feedback all the time on how a GTA V Undead Nightmare DLC needs to happen, but we would also love Rockstar to explore this alien side of the game further and we have a feeling that a lot of you want to see it as well.

Starting with what we do know, it’s now been confirmed that Take-Two has trademarked something known as ‘Hangar 13’. You can see evidence of this below thanks to AllGamesBeta – but obviously there is no guarantee yet that this is either GTA V related, or indeed alien related.


We know what you’re thinking as well, isn’t Hangar 18, not Hangar 13 meant to be the subject of aliens instead? Presuming this theory is true though, there’s nothing stopping Rockstar from doing their own thing and making Hangar 13 the first paid GTA V DLC which includes a full blown alien and UFO mystery to explore.

Obviously it’s pure speculation at this point, but there’s no denying the fact that the truth is still out there in Los Santos and Rockstar has purposefully left the UFO side of the game unfinished.

Read all about the UFO material in the game here as well as the confirmed sightings and let us know if you would be willing to pay for any GTA V alien DLC, should it happen.

Remember that this Hangar 13 trademark could still turn out to be something completely different, but let’s get excited for the fact that it may be alien related.

Would you like to see a GTA V alien expansion or not?

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  • Matt V

    I think killing walkers (Zombies) with your friends online in gta would be awesome an alien dlc I’m not so sure look how it did with ghosts I know it was made by a different company but please don’t I would really love killing walkers please

    • Cunther

      I doubt they’ll do something zombie related, as they already did it with red dead. Plus there are too many nods towards aliens for it not to be about aliens. Although it would be sick to slay zombies with a katana, alien weaponry would be awesome.

  • jimmm

    it is most likely going to be devan missions dlc, or how ever you spell the movie producer guy. then they can put survivals for both. the jet pack also can be in here since it is modeled after the one from the rocketeer

  • Jason P

    I like the alien idea but the game is already set up for cool zombie stuff. Zombie session wouldn’t need to change all that much. AI zombies instead of cops. Robbing stores and other players for supplies in teams or solo. Missions that steal food and supplies instead money. Same game but with zombies roaming people would try more to co-op vs being dicks.

  • ccccccocainne

    Noooo way aliens are boring. Im too old for them. Now zombies online would be sweet . The new story dlc should have lamar instead of Franklin and be all gangwarfare and drug dealing. Maybe even replanting those weed fields from san andreas.

    • White_Lil_Boosie

      You’re too old for aliens but you want gangfare and drug dealing? Really dude? Grow up

  • iRockJs

    If you really think Rockstar are going to do alien themed DLC after the Saints Row franchise just had 2 piece of DLC and 1 FULL GAME all alien themed, you’re not much of a thinker.

  • tjea

    If you guys want an alien invasion go ahead and play saints row 4

  • tjea

    Not going to happen…..ever…never…ever

  • The Feds

    This dlc is possible, but we would like to see a combination of both the alien dlc idea with the zombie dlc idea. where a zombie outbreak is cause by extraterrestrial powers. And new clothing, outfits,weapons,vehicles, etc.

  • t

    Zombie dlc. Id pay for

  • SwagEverlasting .

    Alien/Secret Government Operations ie Warehouse 13. Also it could play into Trevor’s continued Storyline, Space parts etc per Merryweather sort of like the Truth Missions from GTASA.

  • airsoftelite

    Military uniforms!!!!!

  • Luismiguel Mesquida

    Bring alien pistol or something like that and alien mask make it a limited time thing and a car designed like a spaceship goggles astronaut costume russian American Canadian Asian European space forces how they look more facial beards and mustache boots and

    • NgTurbo

      That’s some interesting ideas you got there Luis Miguel!

      • Jahzeel Gutierrez

        I agree with Luis Miguel

        • Alexander


        • Jahzeel Gutierrez

          I wanna fly alien space ships that would be so awesome 😀

    • Alexander

      I’d love that. I would so pay for that.