Google Nexus TV rumors reinforces gaming features

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Google Nexus TV for a few years now and are still waiting for its release. It wasn’t that long ago that we learned that the rumored set-top box was to offer gaming features, and if we are to believe the latest rumor, it reinforces this feature.

Latest news would suggest that Google has just acquired Green Throttle Games, who as we know develop Android-based games. According to PandoDaily, they say that the deal was made with a TV set-top box in mind, although there is no news on what that box will be, although the Nexus model is the most likely.

To help further reinforce rumors that the Nexus TV will be gamming inspired is the fact that Google seem very interested in Green Throttle Games Bluetooth controller, which would be the perfect accessory to play games on a Nexus TV device.

As for a possible Google Nexus TV release date in 2014, we can’t say. However, if there were plans, then we would imagine that the device would be unveiled during Google I/O, as this would be the perfect platform to launch it.

If Google are serious, then they had better hurry because we already know that the next Apple TV update will focus more on the gaming aspect, as will a new Amazon TV.



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