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Flappy Bird online return teases Dong Nguyen

Just when you thought that Flappy Bird was gone forever and you had to search for Flappy Bird alternatives elsewhere, it looks like the peacock may once again take flight. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has now teased that Flappy Bird 2.0 may be making a sensational return but with one significant difference.

As most of you are well aware by now, the game was taken offline by the creator much to the shock of Android and iOS fans around the world. Even more so when it was revealed that Dong Nguyen was raking in a whopping $50,000 per day alone from Ad revenue.

Much to his credit though, Mr Nguyen said enough is enough and took the game down as he believed it had become too addictive and a dangerous game for users to get sucked into. We have our own evidence of this, with literally thousands of you posting in Flappy Bird high scores and alleged Flappy Bird world records to us on a daily basis.

However, it looks like the creator has had a change of heart, or probably decided that this kind of money is too good to simply turn a blind eye to. We now have confirmation from Dong who has told Rolling Stone magazine that the game could come back.

If and when it does though, it will come with a warning firstly, warning Flappy Bird iOS and Android fans not to play too long and to take breaks after regular usage.

Do you honestly want to see the game return though? As you can see from some of the reaction online, not everyone would want to see Flappy Bird take flight once more.

Let us know your reaction to this and whether you think it should make a glorious return.



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