Dark Souls 2 early adopters give walkthrough

How are you getting on with Dark Souls 2 so far? Xbox 360 progress may have halted over the last few hours due to the well documented Xbox Live outage but we can already see that many of you have been getting stuck into the game for hours upon end, posting videos of your ongoing progress online.

It may also be a tough decision deciding whether to play Darks Souls 2 on Xbox 360 or Titanfall seeing both games release during the same period. PS3 owners are obviously loving the game at the moment, while those patiently waiting for the ‘best’ version on PC are going to be kept busy finding ways to upgrade those debatable graphics.

If you are someone who is thinking about getting the game but are still on the fence, this is where we come in. We’ve included one of the best walkthrough series online from YouTuber theRadBrad, who has already racked up close to 250,000 views in the space of two days.

It’s clear that Dark Souls 2 has a massive following and this Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough should help you to decide whether it is worth a purchase. In our opinion if you have played the original then it’s a no brainer decision regardless – you should definitely go and buy this to play over the weekend.

One word of warning though, Dark Souls 2 bosses are again very challenging so if you are not set up with the right tactics you are going to get blown away each time.

Enjoy this walkthrough below and let us know your own Dark Souls 2 progress so far – how many bosses have you managed to defeat?



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