Bandit9 Eve Bike meets your dreams

If you are looking for a new motorcycle to buy, feast your eyes on what could be quite possibly the nicest custom made bike we have seen in a long time. The Bandit9 team are back with the Bandit9 Eve bike, based on the 1967 Honda SS and featuring a chrome design to die for.

We can tell you that this ultra-cool bike is available to buy, with pre-orders open right now. However, availability is extremely limited as it looks like no more than 9 Bandit Eve bikes will be commissioned – so get your orders in now if you are interested.

Features include a Chrome Unibody, custom handlebars and exhaust, as well as a cattle skin leather seat. There’s also exposed suspensions for those that like to test the Eve to the max, while chrome and bronzes finishes around the body make this a bike which will make you instantly stand out on the road.

The price for this is a very reasonable $4600 USD – available in either 90cc or 125cc varieties. Considering that these are limited edition, we have a feeling that some consumers are going to be very interested in picking one up for this price.

Imagine driving one of these babies on the road.
Imagine driving one of these babies on the road.

We absolutely love this design and hope you do too. Shipping one of these from Vietnam though may prove to be the biggest challenge – not the price. Let us know what you think of this model below.



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